Thursday, October 20, 2011

My new series!

Lo and behold, my new deal announcement from PM:
Erica Hayes’ new dark paranormal romance series, beginning with REVELATION, set in a decadent, near-future Manhattan, in which a young medical examiner who’s lost her faith must team up with a fallen angel warrior to stop a gang of demons hijacking the Apocalypse and creating hell on earth, in a two-book deal to Leis Pederson at Berkley by Marlene Stringer at The Stringer Literary Agency (World).
If it's on PM, it must be real! I'm so excited. It's dark, and has lots of action and urban-fantasy elements, but it's more focused on the romance than my Shadowfae books. Angels with flaming swords, demon princes, stolen vials of holy wrath. It's not post-apocalyptic: the Apocalypse is happening, right now. There will be earthquakes. The sky will rain fire at some point. Oh, and a zombie plague. What more could you want?

Book 1 is currently called REVELATION (as in the Bible, geddit?) though that might change. The MS is done and on the desk of my new editor, the lovely Leis Pederson (who also edits my bud Kylie Griffin's fab new fantasy romance series! Small world...) And I'm cooking up Book 2, REDEMPTION, about an angel who's determined never to sin again but falls for a hellcursed vampire.

REVELATION is slated for a Fall 2012 release, from Berkley Sensation in ebook and mass market paperback.

Does this mean I'm not doing any more Shadowfae books? Yep. At least for the time being. There's a Shadowfae short story, CHERRY KISSES, in the anthology HEX APPEAL from St Martin's Press, due for release I think later in 2012, and edited by the fabulous P.N. Elrod. And I have some other maybe-plans you'll hear about in due course.

Apart from that, I've been working on some new stuff. A superhero story. A new UF tale about a selfish magical thief who stumbles over an archvillain's evil plot to rule the world. A Renaissance clockpunk story, set in a dark, alchemy-fuelled Venetian Republic. And my perennial favourite: angels vs. aliens!!

None of this is finished. None of it is sold. I promise, you'll be the first to know...