Thursday, September 30, 2010

guest posting and giveaway madness

In case I screw myself over with no internet for a day again... yeah, book release week is a great time to be in the dark ages. I so recommend it. Uh...

My Bitten by Books event is still open, until 29 Sep midnight Chicago time. Come chat with me (slow time, but I will reply) about what kind of UF heroine you'd like to be, and the chance to win some Amazon gift certificate goodness! 

Wednesday's post is at the Romance Writers of Australia blog; I'm talking about overwriting, what it is and how to fix it, and doing a book giveaway for Aussie readers.

And on Thursday, I'll be at Sidhe Vicious, talking about banshees and why they're cool.

So come share the joy! And when I next pass a McDonalds (is there no other wi-fi in this strange place called Europe??) I'll come meet you :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

poison kissed release day

 Yay! POISON KISSED is in stores today! I hope you all enjoy it. This is the one I've enjoyed writing the most so far. It has a banshee heroine, and a ravenous newly-made vampire and a rusty ironfairy as the villains.

A few FAQ: Yes, it has a new cover, different from the others. But it's the same series, the same world, the same everything. The cover and the new mass market format are a new look, but that's the only change.

And yes, Kane is in it :) he and his demon rival, Delilah, have a confrontation in this one. It's messy :)

Remember, you can check out Chapter One online at my website here. And the trailer is here. Enjoy!

Blog tour news: today, I'm at Bitten by Books for a bit of release day madness!! I'm talking a bit about the book, and you'll get an exclusive snippet from Chapter 2. Also giving away some gift certificates for prizes! So you can expand that book collection.

And on Thursday, I'm at Sidhe Vicious, talking about banshees, and why Mina, my banshee heroine, is a bit different.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

blog tour and giveaway goodness

 POISON KISSED hits shelves (thud!) in three days. Cool! So I'm doing a bit of a blog tour. I'll keep you updated.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm guesting with the fabulous Deadline Dames!! I'm talking about the coffee shop, and why I write there when I'm such a stickler for order and silence. Giving away a free book. Yu know how it is. Drop by and leave a comment! Make me feel wanted.

And on Tuesday, I'm throwing a release day party at Bitten By Books.

I'm chatting about the book and other stuff, and giving away some Amazon gift certificates as prizes.

You can RSVP and get extra entries here:

I'll drop by to chat, but I'm on vacation without internet (right now I'm sitting in Macdonalds on some French country town) so it might take me a little while to make a reply.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

trailers and excerpts, we haz them

My website is updated, and you can read Chapter One of POISON KISSED here!

And here's my new book trailer for POISON KISSED. Oyy... Feel free to share if you think it's cool!

And now, I'm on holidays! Yay! Off to the airport this arvo to get on the big plane. Will be sure to post pics from exotic locales and make you all envious -- the SD Card of Death has been replaced and troubles me no more.

Can't wait. Been hanging out to do some reading and now I've got loads of blissful, uninterrupted hours ahead...

Monday, September 13, 2010

the facebook, he is here

I've got a brand new author page on Facebook! Do come by and friend me, or like me, or whatever it is we do on Facebook this week.

Oh, and some fun news: you can currently get Shadowfae for Kindle for US$2.99!!

Awesome!! Even I could afford that!* So if you've been wanting to check the series out -- or you just love cheap ebooks -- get on over there. Special promotion, not for ever etc..

* If I could buy it in this country. Which I can't. But hey. I would If I could.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

worldcon madness

WorldCon was cool.

I mean, a lot of conventions and conferences are cool. But WorldCon was a bit different from others I've been to, which have mainly had a romance focus. Obviously, they talk more about specfic and less about romance - but they're also more opinionated. They're not afraid to say they don't like something, or disagree, or think that Writer X or Show Y or Book Z is full of shit.

Where at some romance cons I've been to, everything is sacred. We're so immersed in being supportive, and promoting the genre, and not stepping on anyone's toes, that our right to a dissenting opinion -- to voice it in public, that is, not the right to dissent itself -- gets diluted.

Refreshing. I think each approach has its merits. But on with a few pics

This fluffy green Cthulu at the Masquerade cracked me up,
especially beside tiny Rorschach.

Tracey O'Hara
and Tez Miller taking it easy at Koko Black

NZ fantasy author Helen Lowe, Tracey and me

More pics next time, when I bribe them off Tracey's camera...

And a quick shout out for Among the Muses, where I'm doing an interview and giving away a copy of one of my books, including if you choose my October release, Poison Kissed.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

yes, I'm a hopeless blogger...

 Jeez please. Was it really June last time I posted here? I'm ashamed, truly I am. I promise to do better.

What's news, you ask? Well. I had a lovely time in Orlando at Romance Writers of America. My roomie Kylie Griffin won a Golden Heart. I met my agent, Marlene, and my editor, Rose. They are real people. I had lunch with Ann Aguirre (fangirl moment) and her friend Gwen, which was awesome.

Alas, I have no pics, thanks to a very naughty SD card that will burn in hell for eternity, let me assure you. I know some demons. They owe me. It won't be pretty.

So suffice it to say that Orlando went off.

On the way home, I visited Las Vegas and Fiji. See above re: hellbound SD card.

Suffice it to say that Monte Carlo, Cirque Du Soleil, the Grand Canyon and Denerau Island also went off.

Then it was Sydney's turn, and Romance Writers of Australia. We haven't got it together to have our conference in summer down here, so going to Sydney is the next best thing. A fab time had by all.

Once again, see above re: the SD card of Eternal Suckage.

Since then? Madness. I've been finishing off a sci-fi story, and cooking up ideas for possible Shadowfae #5.

This weekend, I'm at WorldCon in Melbourne. There'll be mutancy. There'll be costumes. There'll be a new SD card.

And after that, I promise to blog more. Mkay?