Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Blood Cursed day!!

After spending the last umpteen weeks seeking an answer to the important question is it possible to lurk at your own blog? (A: yes. Yes, it is.) I've resurfaced, to give a quick hurrah! for release day for BLOOD CURSED! Yay!

Enter the fierce, fantastical world of the Shadowfae, where blood is a drug, magic is a crime, and love is the most dangerous weapon of all...

To a vampire, nothing is sweeter than bloodfairy essence -- and Ember is the most sought-after fairy on the underworld circuit. Selling her blood to the highest bidder -- and robbing her clients in the process -- Ember has unwittingly become a target of dark and dangerous forces. Her enemies are everywhere. And if she hopes to survive, she needs protection...

Diamond is a glassfairy who, for better or worse, knows his way around the vampire underworld. Smooth as silk and tougher than trolls, Diamond is Ember’s only chance to keep her magical blood inside her body, where it belongs. But he also poses a threat to Ember, a strange kind of danger she’s never experienced before: She’s falling in love with him...

Sweet! This one got a 4-star review from RT Reviews, which is always nice :) You can read the first chapter online at my website, and there's an extended excerpt up at Heroes and Heartbreakers (you need to log in to read that one). Also a nice review at Among the Muses. Thanks!

I'll be traipsing around the internet talking about it over the next week or two, doing some giveaways of backlist and the like, so keep an eye out, and I'll post the links here when they happen. You can also follow me on Twitter for -- let's face it -- more frequent updates.

But right now, I'm feeling generous. Leave me a comment on this post -- yup, that's right here -- before midnight on 3 August (US west coast time) if you'd like to win -- I'll pick a couple of random commenters to win your choice of one of my books. One of my only giveaways for BLOOD CURSED -- because, y'know, I want y'all to buy it :) -- so get in while it lasts...


  1. King Yob (the tall and skinny)Aug 2, 2011, 8:24:00 PM

    So my pre-order should be winging its way to me soon? :P

  2. Aye, I want to win BLOOD CURSED :-) Love your blog background, by the way - shiny colourful space! :-)

  3. Fantastic that it got 4 stars Erica.

    I can't wait to get my copy. I've only been reading paranormal/fantasy for a few years and I'm hooked.

    Good luck and hope sales go through the ceiling.

    Margaret Midwood

  4. Congrats on the release of Blood Curse!

  5. Congrats on the new release...I can't wait to read it

  6. Excited for you Erica, want the book flitting out the door or onto ereaders as fast as the Shadowfae move.Everybody needs to know what a clever and inventive writer you are! Valerie

  7. I love the Shadowfae series! You've created a fabulous world and awesome characters. Can't wait to immerse myself yet again.

    How's the next series going? Is it taking shape?

  8. Happy Release Day for your book! The series is new to me but it sounds like one I'll really like. I want want to meet these fairies and delve into their world.


  9. Happy Release Day! I really enjoyed this book. Diamond is second only to Joey among your heroes (for me). I can't wait to see what you come up with next. :)

  10. Congratulations on your Release Day!!
    I can’t wait to read Blood Cursed. I have been waiting to read it for awhile now. Thx so much for doing the contest! I look forward to some more books of yours

  11. Yeeha! Congratulations on the shiny new release, Erica! Can't wait to read it -- vampires and fairies = EPIC WIN! (And I love that your fairies aren't anything those wussy True Blood fairies *VBG*)

  12. Happy release day, E! It's great to see it finally out! :-)

  13. Oh yeay! Congrats on the reviews - I am sure they are deserved!

    If I don't win I'll have to go harass Sofia at Galaxy :D

  14. Thanks for dropping by, everyone! You guys are awesome :)