Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Skyrim Challenge!!

November rolls around once again, and the question on everyone's lips is: who's doing NaNoWriMo?

Me, that's who! {cheers resound}

Well, sort of. I'm already half done with this manuscript: it was at 48K when November began.

So the object isn't to write 50K in a month. It's to finish the MS, however long it may turn out to be. I may need 85K. I may need 100K. I don't know yet. And I'm shortening the deadline to November 11. Because, y'know, go hard or go home, and all that.

Just 11 days to finish my novel. Why?

Need I say more?

This awesome game releases on November 11. The local store are saving me a copy. If the book ain't finished, I don't get to play.

I'll leave you to imagine my sense of urgency. Can't talk now. Gotta write...


  1. oh what is this game?? I occasionally play COD but I'm looking for something a bit different to chill out with =)

  2. Ah, you too are a Skyrim girl. I think my teen had aspirations for it (pre order collectors was discussed but alas got lost amidst mania of year 12).

    Wonder if he's going to get it and then see if I can learn how....(I watch him on Demons Soul's <-- weird title spelling & think, nuh-uh, I so don't have the skill).

    Enjoy the writing so you can have your reward :)

  3. Give a girl a heart-attack. I just read via some blog no more Shadowfae books!?!? I read the first one at the beginning of the year, from the library, and its been on my to buy list ever since but I have mountains, yes mountains of books I've had to get through first. Anyway I have just ordered all 4 shadowfae books before they become hard to get. Can't wait....but am very excited for what your new series will be like. I like my tales a little dark and twisted :)

    How cool are the ads for Skyrim?

  4. Nicci: they are indeed awesome ads for Skyrim :) can't wait! And I'm so pleased you enjoyed Shadowfae! Hope you have just as much fun with the others in the series.

    Nicky: oh, the reward will be sweet... but the writing is fun, too!

    Mel, it's an RPG. Loved the last game in the series so can't wait for this one. Nomnomnom...

  5. got skyrim a day a go and completed the canpain in 5 hours its so easy the best armor is the blades armor of oblivion wat u find in a room one one of the mishions with a grait wall