Friday, December 21, 2012

A free Shadowfae story

Behold HELLCURSED, the sexy (and free! did I mention that?) prequel short story to my Shadowfae Chronicles series. Isn't she gorgeous?

Tricked. Cursed. Damned.

Headstrong ex-convent girl Jade has renounced the church that tried to curb her independence. Now, she travels the world, seeking adventure and the pleasures of forbidden ritual.

But she's tricked by a treacherous sorcerer, and forced into a darker kind of slavery. She's a succubus, with a powerful demon lord her master for a thousand years.

At least, that's what he thinks. Jade accepts no man's domination, least of all a demon's. She's determined to thwart her fate. But Jade is yet to discover the true meaning of demon thrall...

You can download her for free!! from Apple, Kobo (.epub) and Smashwords (.mobi, .pdf, .epub).

(You can get her from Amazon, too, if you like. But she's not free, yet. Because, y'know. Amazon are like that. Watch this space. Soon, she'll be available free for Nook, too.)

If you've been hanging with me a while, you'll know this story – it used to be up as a .pdf on my website. Now it's a real ebook, with a pretty new cover! Even if you've already got it, I'd appreciate the downloads. Thanks!

Here's the first little snippet, to whet your appetite. You may remember our heroine, Jade, from SHADOWFAE. Well, here she is on her first night as Kane's slave...


My new master stared at me, ash drifting from his golden hair. I shivered. Even for a demon lord, Kane was creepy.

He reclined on the sunken lounge, elegant in black silk. No smile on his crimson lips. His black eyes scorched with promise and power. Idle scarlet flame flickered between his fingers, throwing eerie shadows on the marble palace wall, and the air thickened with his delicious scent of thunder. "Will you sit with me?"

"Not a chance." I tugged at my bodice, flushing. My torn blue gown had been to hell and back—literally—and no longer covered me properly. Sultry midnight breeze drifted into Kane's bedroom from the wide stone courtyard, but I didn't feel warm. Silken drapes masked the ceiling. Opium smoke drifted like ghostly dragons between green-tiled columns, stinging my nose like acid.

Kane's soft voice grated like metal. "Sit down, Jade."

I crossed my arms, satin sleeves ragged, and opened my mouth to tell him to go back to hell.

But I didn't.

I couldn't.

My voice jammed in my throat like a cork. The golden hellbangles he'd clamped on my wrists last night buzzed and scorched like angry wasps. Compulsion spread in my veins, dark like lust.

The ashen stink of demon magic clogged my nostrils. My pulse thudded. Heat flushed in my belly, a lover's sly caress, and I burned inside. His will effortlessly overpowered mine. I wanted to sit down. I needed to. If I didn't, I'd scream, or claw my eyes out.

Or die.

My leg muscles dissolved to water, and I crumpled to the green satin divan, magical nausea gnashing in my intestines around a core of hot, undeniable need. As my thighs hit the cushions, pleasure broke within me, tiny but definite, gentle waves of sweet contentment that I'd obeyed him.

And that was my first glimpse of the life I'd made.

Succubus. Soulthief. Hellbitch. Demon's thrall-slut. Those epithets still lay in my future. But my thrall had already begun.

Yesterday, I was a different kind of prisoner, slave to my own foolishness, chained in a rusty dungeon by the sorcerer who'd pretended to love me. But last night, my treacherous captor gambled with Kane, and lost. I was the prize. And now Kane owned me.

At least, that's what Kane thought. We'd see about that . . .

Like I said. Free. Apple, Kobo and Smashwords. And, you can add it to your shelf on Goodreads. Go forth and enjoy!

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