Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mega paranormal book giveaway!

The Dark Side Down Under are having a huge ebook giveaway for Halloween! DarkSiders unite to bring you a mega pack of book giveaways. It's seriously scary how good it is!

The mega prize pack includes:

Cheryse Durrant - The Blood She Betrayed
Maree Anderson - Freaks of Greenfield High, Ruby’s Dream, Seer’s Promise
Erica Hayes - Demon Chained, Cherry Kisses
Shona Husk - The Outcast Prince (print)
Cathleen Ross  - Her Demon Prince
Tania Walsh - Cloaked in Fur
Kim Cleary - Path Unchosen
Maggie Mundy - Blood Scent, Hidden Mortality
Christina Phillips - Bloodlust Denied
Nicola E. Sheridan's ‘Magic’ series - Magical Gains, Magical Creations, Magical Redemption

Giveaway starts October 31. Check it out!

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