Monday, February 16, 2009

fairies and weirdlings and all manner of good things

Hi. I'm Erica Hayes. I'm an Australian urban fantasy author, and my first book, Shadowfae, is coming out in late 2009 from St Martin's Press.

There. That's that over with. Glad you dropped by.

Here, we're gonna be talking about the weird stuff, and I don't mean Tasmanians.

I'm talking fairies. Vampires. Demons. Banshees. Succubi. More fairies. A spriggan or two. Anything that takes our fancy. Fantasy creatures, coming to a gritty city street near you.

We'll chat about urban fantasy books, and movies, and odd things that catch our eye. And, of course, romance. We adore romance. Especially if it's got fairies. And not the tiny flittering kind.

Friend me? Aww. You're making me blush. Go right ahead. Link to me. RSS your sweet little socks off. I'll answer comments. I'll link you back. I'm like that.

So pull up a screen. Squirm yourself comfy in that beanbag. Pass the chocolate. And let's get chatting.


  1. Fairies and chocolate, oh my!
    Hey E,
    Happy for the invite, glad to be here, this all looks so great!
    Fantastic work - you should be so proud!
    Chocolate anytime, gooey centres only please.

  2. Everything looks fantastic E!
    Commence the countdown to late 2009.