Friday, March 6, 2009

me and my new boyfriend

Me, a slab of Cadbury chocolate, and this guy:

Fwoar. The Prince of Persia. Just call him Prince. And lest I out myself as a total geekgurl (oh, wait, too late) he is one hot dude. Sigh. That dusty grab-me hair. Those bloody blades. That homicidal stare. I've found my next romance hero :)

Explore, if you will, the depths of my geekdom: I deserved a reward this week (small matter of finishing my latest manuscript, go me!). So I hop down to my local EB Games and pick up Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, one of my old favourites.

Geek enough for you yet? Read on.

I get home, already weak at the knees with anticipation. But guess what? The Prince ain't backwards compatible on the 360. More geek points for knowing what that means.


So do I return him?

No way. I drive half an hour to the secondhand store and pick up an original console. Just for the Prince.

Must be true love.


  1. Did I mention ever that I live very close to the cadbury factory? I used to live so close you could smell the chocolate in the air every morning... now not so close but still close enough I have been to cadbury world twice... but only been in the horribly psychedelic ghost trainesque horror that is the (apparently) children's fun ride of cadburyland... *shudder* :)

  2. Cadburyland!! Ooh! Sounds tasty :)
    I lived in a town with a Cadbury factory (Hobart in Tasmania) for five years and for some reason (ie. laziness) I never visited it. Apparently you could buy ten-kilogram crates of dairy milk chocs there. Probably good for my health that I didn't go.

  3. Ours is the original one, the one founded at the turn of the century by the cadbury family out of Quaker idealism. It sits in a nice little Quaker built suburb called Bournville (though few factory workers live there now, the house prices are stupendously high now...). There are no off licenses or pubs in the area due to Quakerism.
    The staff shop (which my wife used to get access to as she used to work for company that used to be Cadbury's IT support and was still based on site even after being made independent of them) sold boxes of Heroes for 50p each and other chocolate at prices equally stupidly cheap. But you had to be staff to shop there.
    Cadbury land did remind us of the Simpsons and 'Duff Gardens'

  4. I used to live near the hershey factory in could go on a 10 minute chocolate tour (and wave at the people making chocolate!) and then they let you loose in the remainders area.
    Also, we have an original console too - though our drug of choice seems to be Mashed and Beyond Good and Evil.
    (and I remember Prince of Persia when it first came out, lo these many years ;)

  5. What a cool character for your next romance hero.
    True love indeed for going to the lengths of getting an original console. :)

  6. No shit. I didn't know Cadbury were Quakers. I thought Quakers were into self-denial, not indulgence :)

  7. Mmm, Hersheys. I do like Hershey bars. I think my best chocs are Cadburys, Lindt and then Hersheys.
    Oh, the original PoP for the PC! Ohhhh. I was in high school and it was the coolest game eva :) those cute PC speaker sounds...

  8. Hi Eleni :) thanks for coming by!
    Yeah, he's pretty hot huh? Obviously needs a good woman, too. Some anger issues there...

  9. Mmmm...
    Hi Erica!
    It's Lucy from Ever After here. Remember me? It was lovely meeting you at ARRC.
    Anyway, this guy looks like a comic Wolverine (Hugh Jackman!). Very yummy. Don't cha think?

  10. Re: Mmmm...
    Hi Lucy! ARRC was a fab occasion. Big fun!
    He is rather Wolvie-ish... never a bad thing :)

  11. What a come-F-me-or-you're-dead stare. Totally hot. Now that's what I like in an bad boy hero.