Friday, March 20, 2009

my government thinks I'm an idiot

We apologise for this interruption to our scheduled programming.

I'm not linking to it, see? Some fool at the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) might fine me $11,000.

But if you go to a site called Wikileaks, and search for 'ACMA blacklist', you'll find it. The alleged ACMA blacklist, that is. All those nasty internet sites our government is trying to stop us from viewing. It may or may not be accurate. But it's enough to get really angry about.

Here's why ACMA say I shouldn't do exactly what I'm doing. The proposed compulsory ISP-based internet filter is supposed to 'prevent access to harmful and offensive online material'.

Yeah. Don't adjust your set. It says 'offensive'.

Not 'illegal' or 'defamatory' or 'exploitative' or 'non-consensual'. 'Offensive'.

Well, I'm pretty fucking offended by your internet filter, okay? I'm offended by jerks who want to take all our responsibilities away so we'll no longer be entitled to the rights that come with them. I'm offended by bureaucrats and politicians who think I'm so dumb I can't decide for myself what I'm offended by. I'm offfended by parents who are so weak and seduced by the culture of blame that they refuse to take responsibility for what their kids see on the internet and think the government should do it for them.

The government we deserve, folks. Don't let this happen.


  1. Tried to have a look but says that it is overloaded. I am pissed right along with you. "Offensive" can be made whatever they want to make it. Maybe they will block sites that criticise the government, because it is deemed "offensive" maybe they decide sites that begin with the letter is offensive. I don't want to live in a nanny state with some arsehole telling me what I can and can't see because of an arbitrary decision made by said arsehole.
    Fired up and furious.

  2. Crap - forgot to login first - that was me ranting there.