Sunday, July 5, 2009

first line meme, and zombies

 ...just because it's fun. You're supposed to list the first lines of your manuscripts/works in progress. So here goes:

SHADOWFAE: The dark shape in the bed didn't stir.

SHADOWGLASS: Stolen diamond bracelets glittered on my wrists in the colored nightclub lights, and I laughed, my wings swelling damp in the warm crush of bodies.

SHADOWSONG (WIP): They say that when a banshee sings, someone dies.

RAPIDFIRE (Science fiction WIP): I took a seat before the director's shiny black desk, adjusting my plasma pistol so it wouldn't dig into my ribs.

UF WIP, working title 'the zombie book' (ha ha!): The worst thing about being dead?

Ha. You're just dying to know the answer, aren't you? Of course you are. Well, maybe if you play nice with me, I'll tell you later what my zombie had to say.

Question: if you were a zombie, what would be the worst thing about being dead?

For me, I think it'd be the poor digestion. I love eating, but meat tends to disagree with me. All those brains... yech.



  1. Yes, yes... But what about *zombies*?!?!? Much more important.

  2. Ooogie seaping bits, limbs dropping off and leakage.

  3. Sorry that was me - forgot to log in D'oh. Supposed to be writing.

  4. Limbs dropping off would be mighty inconvenient.
    Now get back to that manuscript ;)

  5. I keep trying to comment and lj keeps eating my comment! Short version: Love Shadowsong, love banshees.
    Zombies - the whole slowly rotting to pieces thing.

  6. Disintegration is inglorious, it's true. And that meaty smell... mmm...

  7. The body odour. Also, the ripped clothing couture is very 80s.

  8. Getting laughed at as a retro fashion victim :) I hadn't thought of that. Yet another disadvantage!
    All that lurching about in shopping malls would get tedious, too.

  9. First line meme and zombies
    Shadowsong is a great title - much fabulousness!
    And the worst thing about being dead, um, chocolate not tasting the same?