Sunday, July 19, 2009

i'm not at rwa national, but...

Okay? I'm not there. All you folks in Washington DC, tweeting and blogging and driving the rest of us out of our minds with conference-envy. I'm not there. Hmph.

I'm at home, writing. You guys just keep on talking :)

Check out this Washington Post article for an outsider's view on RWA:

"This is the refreshing thing about romance writers: They resist the shoes. They keep plodding and plotting along. There are no artistes at RWA. There is no insufferable going on about how each sentence is like a precious baby, or self-expression or T.S. Eliot's objective correlative. Nobody calls these books "fictions." There is only story -- chesty, heavy, plump, glistening story."


P.S. Today (Saturday) is your last day to drop over to Vampire Wire for a chance to win a SHADOWFAE ARC.

You do know that I don't even have ARCs yet, right? If you win, you'll likely get one before I do. So get on over there and make me envious.


  1. I quite liked the Washington Post article. It's not profound, but it's a fun read. It shows some stereotypes but also challenges others. I was amazed to read the flurry of tweets saying the article is negative. I didn't get that feeling at all. (I did get a slight taking the piss vibe, but as an Aussie my tolerance for that sort of thing is pretty high.)

  2. Serious conference envy here. Maybe next year - you and me in Nashville - yee haa

  3. Agree. I don't understand the indignation. I think some people just expect to be dissed, and see it whether it's there or not :)

  4. But you are going to RWAOz. I need you to take photos and report on happenings there. Don't keep the shenanigans to "what happens at RWAOz stays at RWAOz" - that's unfair to little me back home! ;-)

  5. Well, y'know, Brisbane's not that far...
    But never fear. I am a total camera pest at these events. There'll be pics of everyone except me :)

  6. All y'all down there in Nashville, look out :)

  7. haa ha - that's what you think. I will have my camera and will make sure I snap a couple of you snaping photos.