Tuesday, August 25, 2009

kiwi conference madness

Obviously, I couldn't get enough.

Last week was RWAust and Brisbane. This week, the Romance Writers of New Zealand 16th Annual Conference, and my very first visit to New Zealand and Auckland. Like Australia, except cheaper. And the grass is greener. No, really, it is. More water in NZ.

(P.S. Same deal with the lj-cut. Sorry, scrolling peeps. Can you say counter-frickin-intuitive? Times this function has worked for me: never. Don't get. Please explain.)

On with the fun!!

The Friday night 'Leather and Lace' cocktail party went off with a bang. A selection of guests:

Sara, Giovanna and Clare:

Glenda, Michelle and Margaret:

Annie West (yay! for sheikhs and goats!!) and Amanda Ashby (yay! for zombies!):
Here's me basking in the glory of the fabulous award-collecting Kylie Short. And, me with the famous peeps: Melissa Jeglinksi from the Knight Agency, Melissa's mum, and the ultra-cool Nalini Singh :)

And from the 'Touch of Fantasy' awards dinner: Jedi Master Kylie; and Technicolour Gracie and Wicked Witch Pat.
The scrumptious food!! Our scrumptious table, brimming with contest finalists!!
The inspirational Mary Jo Putney and the Strictly Single finalists. 

Executive Editor Mary Therese Hussey from Harlequin/Silhouette and Clendon Award finalists.
Devil-winged Barbara Clendon, Peter Clendon, Mary Therese Hussey and all the Clendon fabulousness, including the outstandingly talented winner, Kylie Short sans light saber. 

And, awesome downunder authors Maree Anderson (Red Sage Publishing) and Annie West (Harlequin Presents/Sexy).
A fab time had by all. Now, I'm tired...


  1. Yes! Maree wreaked havoc at RWA in Brisvegas too. She is awesome, and infuriatingly thin :)

  2. lj-cut
    How are you doing the lj-cut? Are you highlighting the text and clicking the cut button or are you inserting the code yourself? Are you using third party software when you type up the post?

  3. It was awesome to meet you.
    Even though wolves aren't you're thing - and I've suddenly found they're mine - it was fantastic to meet you! Loads of fun in the workshops - especially Nalini's last one - that was a damn good laugh.
    Hope you come across to visit us again!

  4. Fab photos, and great to meet you!

  5. Great to meet you Erica! Love the pix, thanks for sharing! All the best with your writing
    Sharyn : )

  6. Re: lj-cut
    Yeah, I highlight the text and click the cut button, and for some reason it never sucks up the entire text I want... maybe next time I'll try hitting 'Cut' first, and typing in the box.
    Sigh. Nothing like the web to make me feel stupid :)

  7. Hey Sara, thanks for stopping by! Can't wait for next year...

  8. Re: It was awesome to meet you.
    Wasn't it awesome? You're welcome to the werewolves :) good luck with your submission!

  9. RomAus & RWNZ conferences
    I did not wreak havoc!!! I'm a good girl - I just write er... 'naughty'. Kinda. Sometimes - not all the time, LOL. You guys are so mean...wahhhh!
    Hey Erica, I would really like to know what brand camera lens you use because I am definitely not thin - just ask my husband ;-). You, however, are (as the Smart Bitches love to say) awesome sauce. I heart your wardrobe!
    And it was soooo cool to meet y'all in person. I'm already trying to talk the hub into bringing the kids to Sydney for next year's RomAus. I figure he can entertain them while you guys lead me astray, I mean, entertain me. And I promise I'll get to the gym more often so I'll be able to keep up with you next year. Still can't believe I missed out on the firemen....

  10. Thanks Sharyn :) everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic. We're lucky to be part of such a fabulous group.

  11. Re: RomAus & RWNZ conferences
    There were FIREMEN?????? Why didn't someone tell me?

  12. Re: RomAus & RWNZ conferences
    Yep, there were firemen! A bunch of RomAus ladies went out dancing, walked back past a firestation and.... invited themselves inside to have their photos taken with the firemen. And I missed it! *sobs piteously*
    Wonder what the Sydney firemen are like.... Next time, hey Erica?

  13. Re: lj-cut
    How odd. I tried it on my livejournal and it seemed to work okay.
    I typed in the text that I wanted, highlighted it and then clicked the cut button. The cut text box appeared and I left it as "Read more..." (so that the link would say "Read more...") and hit okay. That post gave me a link that sad "Read more..." and when I clicked on it I got the full post.
    The other option is to switch to the HTML mode and making sure that it says before the text and (minus the spaces) after the text.
    Hope it works for you!

  14. Re: lj-cut
    hey, thanks! I'll try it next time :)

  15. Great photos
    Wonderful photos, E. Looks like you had a great time. You don't even look freezing. Thought for sure it'd be lots colder there. J.:)

  16. Erica, you all looked like you had a great time. You must be exhausted with two conferences over two weekends. have a great rest up because soon is your release ;)

  17. Re: Great photos
    I thought it'd be freezing too. But nope. Must be Aussie propaganda.

  18. Yeah, I'm a bit brain dead :) it's hard to get back to mundane things, like actually writing...

  19. Erica, it was so great to meet you. Of course it wasn't until I got home and looked in my conference bag that I actually saw the postcard for your books and now I'm dying for October to roll on (not least because we seem to share a love of brightly coloured tights and a dislike of werewolves!!!!!)
    Oh and if Maree A is reading this, I'm afraid to say that she DID also manage to wreak havoc at the RWNZ conference despite only being there for the Saturday night dinner. Don't deny it, Maree!!!

  20. Oh, yes. Havoc was most definitely wreaked :)
    Great to meet you too Amanda! I suppose those werewolves need love too... I shouldn't be prejudiced, I suppose. But zombies are so much more interesting!

  21. Love the photos, Erica! Glad we had a chance to catch up at the conference. See you next year!!

  22. Yes! Already looking forward to Sydney :)