Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the fun part begins

I'm hacking away at the WIP. I'm in that phase where I hate it, you know? It's the Worst Book Ever and no one will like it, etc. etc. blah blah woe is me.

Which must mean it's going okay. Right? For the writers out there: how do you guys deal with this? Push through? Work on something else?

Me, I just keep writing. It'll be the best I can make it, and that's all I can hope for.

In other news, yes, a couple of folks have read my little book. Here's where I show you what they said about SHADOWFAE:

(whose new book Mystical is great, btw, a neat and surprising erotic tale) did a lovely review here. My favourite part: "Erica's writing style is lyrical, honest, and very easy to get swept away in." Thanks, Yolanda!

And here's what Publishers Weekly said (sorry, you'll have to scroll down about two thirds of the way). The words "intriguingly dark" and "compellingly emotional and intense" appear. Very pleasing :)


  1. I am sorry but yours is not the worst book ever. Mine is. I have proof and everything. You see You have managed to get published whereas I have now. Therefore, whatever you write is far better than anything I am writing...
    BTW, I generally get through this by having people I know read it and tell me lies about how great it is. The trick is to choose your critters carefully (hypnotising or blackmailing them first helps) and turn off your paranoia while they talk to you about it :)

  2. Okay, mine must be the second worst book ever, then :)
    And as for showing it to anyone... HELL NO. Although, hypnotising my crit partners has potential. You are verrryy sleeeepy...

  3. Dude, did you see Kelley Armstrong's Frostbitten right below you? I spotted the term gullible Aussie werewolf...Fingers crossed that this gullible Aussie doesn't make us all look stupid. We MAY be stupid, but that is beside the point... ;-)

  4. I did see that :) Curses! We're getting a reputation.