Wednesday, September 30, 2009

blog tour madness

 With only a week or two before my first book hits the shelves (BAM!) I'm working myself up a little blog tour to celebrate. As you do.

For instance, tomorrow (October 1) I'll be at Magical Musings, talking about conflict and surprising your characters and writerly stuff like that.

On October 6, I'm at Literary Escapism, chatting about cool paranormal powers and giving away a free book!

I'm also joining the All Hallows' Eve party at Book Chick City:

And Eleni-fest, an extravaganza of romance, fantasy and fun with Eleni Constantine on October 20.

And, I'm giving away some cool prizes at Bitten By Books on October 21.

Also, do check out a new blog, The Romantic Journey, launching October 1. It's me and some other fabulous writers, talking about writing and books and stuff we love and all manner of other pleasing things. Author Michelle Holman is launching her new romantic comedy Knotted, and giving away a free copy. And I'll be there next week with free books too. So check it out!


  1. Hi :)
    Hi Erica :)
    Thank you for the update post.
    I am so excited to get SHADOWFAE soon.
    Looks like you will be busy this month.
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Love & Best Wishes,

  2. Re: Hi :)
    Thanks, Rob! It's gonna be flat out :)

  3. Busy month
    Busy busy month for you Erica. So glad you are coming by to Eleni-fest!! Have a great month!

  4. First, congratulations on the book! Second, thanks for all the information. I've been over at Bitten by Books all week, but not the other ones. Off to peruse the fun:)