Friday, September 18, 2009

True Blood series 2: will it suck?

True Blood series 2 has finally made it to Australian television. I had mixed feelings about series one, but I'm willing to give series two a try. So here we go (minor spoilers, for the three people in the world who haven't already seen this):

Episode One.

Sookie: OMG, it's a dead body without a HEART!

Me: Sigh.

Bill: It wasn't me. And it wasn't my pet vampire girl, either.

Sookie: You've got a pet vampire girl? You don't spend every waking moment thinking about ME ME ME ME ME? OMG Bill you LIED to ME ME ME ME ME...

Uncle Kiddy-fiddler: {remember me? I died in the last series?}

Sookie: Hmm, what shall I do with this unwanted inheritance? Tear it up? Donate it to a worthy charity? No, I know. I'll give it to my idiotic but dead cute brother, who'll no doubt piss it away on booze and drugs. Naked. Good thing I don't realise he's in the clutches of the Vile Church of Vampire Hating, or this would be an even worse idea.

Jason: Oh, look. Kool-aid. {glug glug glug}

Sam: {angst}

Sookie: You know, Sam, I feel kinda bad about treating you like a sack of sh*t...

Sam: Get lost, Sookie.

Me: Yay!!!!

Sookie: Bill, did you kill Uncle Kiddie-fiddler?

Bill: {tortured silence}

Sookie: OMG Bill you are a MURDERWAH!!! My untarnished conscience is... well, tarnished. I can't bear the sight of you!!!

Bill: But Sookie, I WUV you.

Sookie: Oh. Okay, then. Let's shag. In fact, let's make a really UNSEXY sex scene.

Lafayette: I'm not dead! Surprise! Instead, I'm chained to a merry-go-round in a cellar with a redneck who secretly wants me to blow him. This really SUCKS.

Eric: {glower}


So there you have it. This show is strangely entertaining for all its faults -- well, it only really has one, heroine-shaped fault for me.

Sookie is still whining. Eric has foils in his hair. And Lafayette is still there. I'll be back next week :)


  1. Can't wait to see how you write the MaryAnne line (no, not Mary Sue, she's a MaryAnne). I've just watched the finale & am mixed over it. Get why they did it the way they did but *sigh*. Maybe I'm just hard to really impress *lol*.

  2. lol! I don't care about Eric's foils. He's a very pretty bad ass!!!

  3. Well boo. That anon was me!!

  4. Oh, I love the foils. I'm happy with anything Eric :)

  5. Oh, I hate it when people *tease* :) now I'll have to wait for the finale to see what you mean! Dang :)

  6. I love to hate this show. Srsly. This was great.

  7. Oh, yes. Whining Sookie drives me insane. The way all the other characters put up with her crap drives me even insane-er :)
    But just when I'm about to hurl the dog at the television in disgust, something cool will happen, and I have to keep watching :0 it's so infuriating!

  8. I think all the characters except for Lafayette, Terry, and Eric blow chunks. :D

  9. Hi :)
    I love your fun writing on True Blood.

  10. Snort!
    I have to love Eric, despite the foils, esp. if he wears any type of clothing that shows off his body. He is the only one that I don't want to slap senseless.

  11. Re: Hi :)
    :) oh yeah, I crack myself up. They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
    That means it's still a form of wit, though. I'll go with that :)

  12. Re: Snort!
    Oh, yes. This week he had trackie dacks on and still looked hot :) And he's funny.
    And you know me and men's hair. I quite fancy the foils :)

  13. LMAO
    I was so bitterly disappointed in season 1 that I haven't gone anywhere near season 2. Your rundown, however, made me laugh out loud. And remember, tact for people not witty enough to use sarcasm. :) Stick with Supernatural.