Friday, February 26, 2010

blog touring

In honour of next week's release of SHADOWGLASS, I'm lurching around the blogosphere for the next couple of weeks, making the place look untidy and giving away tha free bookz.

This week I'm at RKCharron's blog, talking about genres.

Also check out SFInsider this week. The guest post is by the very cool Anton Strout, author of the Simon Canderous series, which you should all read, BTW. BUt they're giving away a copy of SHADOWGLASS. Head on over and post a comment.

In other news, I'm goofing my way through book 4 of the series right now. Almost halfway. It's got fairies, drink spiking and a fetish club.

And I saw some yummy cover art for book 3 this week :) Can't show you yet. But new look. New title. Excitement, adventure, really wild things. Awesome!


  1. New title? So it won't be Shadowsong?

  2. *eEEK!* New cover?? New Tittle?? CANNOT WAIT!
    *Sorry, fangirl moment*
    So... about the title... Is it Shadowhottie? ;-P

  3. LOL! Fangirl away. You make me happy :)
    Shadowhottie. Giggle. Now why didn't *I* think of that?

  4. *now screaming like a jonas brothers fangirl*
    Hey, you gave me permission *teehee*
    It is cause you were in the midst of everything and you were not able to see the hawtness *wink wink*