Wednesday, February 24, 2010

check the new skin...

My new-look website is live! Yay!! Check it out. It's still at (or -- same site, 2 domains) but it looks different. Quite cool, if I may say so myself :) 

And to celebrate, there's a fresh Chapter One excerpt from SHADOWGLASS -- yes, it's longer than the one in the back of SHADOWFAE. Fairies, mirrors and mayhem. And it has Kane in it. Just a little bit.

FYI, that's Melbourne in the header image. The CBD is on the left bank (in this pic) of the glorious River Yarra. The Arts Centre spire is the blue one on the right hand side, above Southbank. You can't see Eureka Tower (Luna's apartment building) though. Hmm. I can see I'll have to put up some location shots...

Also, a reminder about my Goodreads giveaway of two signed copies of SHADOWGLASS. Tomorrow (Wednesday 24th) is the last day to sign up. Sick 'em, Rex.


  1. *cries* AussieCon fee is over $200, and I just can't afford that. Still awesome that you're coming down here, though. Hopefully PanMac can set you up a free public signing somewhere.
    Love the new site design! Especially love the header. Is that a stock image? What do they cost? Hmm, if I need a web designer someday, I'll definitely keep you in mind :-)
    As for location shots...I took a photo of Flinders Street Station during the daytime. And a view of the filthy Yarra from outside the Aquarium in late afternoon. You're welcome to share those, but I'm very amateur - only have Picture Manager (not PhotoShop), and I barely know its functions ;-)

  2. Ha ha! The Yarra definitely looks a lot better by night, when you can't see that sickly yellow tinge.
    Actually, that header photo is on a creative commons license. I must add that to the site credits. Good tip.
    AussieCon... yeah. I wasn't gonna go -- y'know, trying to be responsible with conference budget and all -- but I just didn't have a decent excuse, what with it being in Melbourne and everything. Will talk to some stores and see if I can get some kind of signing happening.

  3. Love the new look (though I loved the old look too). :)

  4. Have no idea where that D came from at the end - oops

  5. Yeah, I like it too. Not as grungy as the old one, but preeetty :)