Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my excuse this time?

Where have I been, you ask? Well. Long story short, and all: there I was, busily finishing off Shadowfae book #4 (yay!) when the editor revisions for Poison Kissed (book #3, the banshee one) arrived.

They weren't hard. In fact, once I figured out what to do, it only took a couple of days. But they were NASTY. I mean, wallow-in-denial-and-self-pity-for-a-week nasty. (That's pronounced 'NA-sty', by the way, with a short 'A'. Not 'nar-sty'. More fun to say that way.)

But eventually I figured out how to solve the issues to everyone's satisfaction. Go me. It's an awesome book. You'll love it. Promise. The heroine, Mina, is kick-ass and cool and damaged. It's desperately romantic. The hero is... well, he's a bit odd. But you'd expect nothing less from the Shadowfae world, right?

After that, of course, I needed to make changes to my just-finished book #4. And fix character arcs. And cut some words. Fiddle, snip, hack. Mmm.

In the midst of all this happy toil, copy edits for Poison Kissed arrived, and can we have them next week please? No worries. After 3 books, my copy editor has me trained. The edits didn't take long. Apparently I only used the word 'twist' 5,872 times in this one. That's an improvement.

And then, back to book #4. All taking far longer than it should. But it's done. Submitted. Gone.

Yes! I like it, Sam-I-Am. I do so like this book-4-with-no-agreed-title. It has fairies, vampire villains, poison and magical brainwashing. The heroine is a bloodfairy tricked into demon servitude... (yes, that demon. He'll get his. Eventually.) The hero is... well, he's pink. You'll see.

So that's my excuse for not blogging. Work ate my brain for a space. Now, I'm free.

And I'm working on something new for a while, before I return (hopefully) to more Shadowfae shenanigans. Anyone out there like space opera? Secret agents? Plasma guns and pirates? Oyy. This heroine kicks some serious butt. There's an evil empire (or is it?) and some freedom-fighting terrorists (or are they?). And there'll be aliens. Eventually...

Sorry. Can't talk now. Got work to do.


  1. Very well understood where your thought and writing efforts should be focused. Great that you hammered out what was necessary in good time!

  2. Phew, I'm just tired reading all of that Erica. Congrats on finishing untitled Book 4 & on the revisions for Poison Kissed.
    Love the sound of that space opera!