Wednesday, September 1, 2010

yes, I'm a hopeless blogger...

 Jeez please. Was it really June last time I posted here? I'm ashamed, truly I am. I promise to do better.

What's news, you ask? Well. I had a lovely time in Orlando at Romance Writers of America. My roomie Kylie Griffin won a Golden Heart. I met my agent, Marlene, and my editor, Rose. They are real people. I had lunch with Ann Aguirre (fangirl moment) and her friend Gwen, which was awesome.

Alas, I have no pics, thanks to a very naughty SD card that will burn in hell for eternity, let me assure you. I know some demons. They owe me. It won't be pretty.

So suffice it to say that Orlando went off.

On the way home, I visited Las Vegas and Fiji. See above re: hellbound SD card.

Suffice it to say that Monte Carlo, Cirque Du Soleil, the Grand Canyon and Denerau Island also went off.

Then it was Sydney's turn, and Romance Writers of Australia. We haven't got it together to have our conference in summer down here, so going to Sydney is the next best thing. A fab time had by all.

Once again, see above re: the SD card of Eternal Suckage.

Since then? Madness. I've been finishing off a sci-fi story, and cooking up ideas for possible Shadowfae #5.

This weekend, I'm at WorldCon in Melbourne. There'll be mutancy. There'll be costumes. There'll be a new SD card.

And after that, I promise to blog more. Mkay?


  1. Glad to hear news from you. Was kinda wondering :)

  2. It's been crazy :) but I'm still here...

  3. See you on the weekend (geez, twice in two months whoda thunk it???)

  4. oh, are you going to worldcon? Cool!

  5. Flying in very late Friday night (aiming for hotel by 11.30pm) & there for the weekend. I fly out Sunday evening. Staying at the Hilton (other half is down today).

  6. Heh - just misread "mutancy" as "mutiny" ;-)

  7. Well, there might be mutiny too. Surely there'll be pirates!