Monday, October 4, 2010

fantasy book pack giveaway!

To celebrate my release week, I'm giving away a book pack of some awesome fantasy and romance books that released this week too. Here's what I've got:

AFTERLIFE by Merrie Destefano
VENOM by Jennifer Estep
BAYOU MOON by Ilona Andrews
POISON KISSED by Erica Hayes (that's me!)

That's a whole pile of really cool books, and they can all be yours!!!

If you live where the Book Depository ships, you can enter. So leave a comment here, telling me what you've done out of the following (one entry for reach):

- Friended me on Facebook (that's the Like button at the top of the page, folks)
- Followed me on Twitter (I'm @ericahayes)
- Tweeted this contest (you can RT my tweet if you like)
- mentioned this contest on your blog/sidebar (include the link so I can gloat!)
- any burning questions you want to ask me, about books or anything at all.

If you really hate FB and you don't have a FB identity, tweet me @ericahayes with an anti-FB rant, and I'll include you in the contest too :)

Contest is open until... oh, let's say, next Saturday 9 October, midnight EST. Winner chosen at random.

Let the fun begin :)

P.S. I'm on the internet sporadically at the moment, like once a day maximum. So don't be offended if I don't reply immediately. But I will reply :)


  1. This IS an awesome giveaway! Sorry I missed out on seeing you at either Dymocks on Collins or Rendezvous! I'm kicking myself over that ;_____;
    -friended! :D (don't know why I haven't until now *is ashamed*)
    -I do follow you on twitter as @Envyious
    - RT here:
    - Here's a question: do you get any say in the covers of your books at all? I know this doesn't often happen...must add that you are blessed by the cover gods! Who is the artist/photographer by the way?

  2. Great give away!
    Hey Erica,
    I saw your competition when it was re-tweeted on twitter. What a great idea! I have followed instructions and am now following you on facebook (I'm Suzy Turner), on twitter (I'm @suzy_turner, surprise surprise), I've actually written a post about you and your competition on my blog ( because it's such a good idea and here is my question for you (can I ask two lol???)...
    What was the most difficult aspect, for you, on becoming a published author?
    What inspires you?
    Look forward to seeing who wins!!
    Best wishes and good luck on your book launch!

  3. book giveaway
    Hi Erica,
    I'm your friend on Facebook and follow you on Twitter now. I just loved Jade's story in Shadowfae, unfortunately I missed you when you visited Melbourne but caught your fantastic workshop at Sydney Conference this year. Can't wait to read your latest story.
    Margaret Midwood

  4. Whoohoo!
    I can't enter now, 'cause I'm at work, but that is seriously awesome! XD
    and of course: CONGRATS FOR RELEASE WEEK!

  5. *jumps up and down* I am in!
    Though if I got lucky then someone else could get Pleasure Rules since I got that one.
    Are you planning on writing another series after this one?
    - Friended me on Facebook blodeuedd bookgirlofmurycastell
    - Followed me on Twitter blodeuedd83
    - Tweeted this contest (I rted
    - any burning questions you want to ask me, about books or anything at all.

  6. Book give away
    I have "friended" you on Facebook :) xx

  7. eeep books! *happy dance + claps*
    facebook fan = check
    twiiter minion = check
    retweet = yep - took me a while, im not really a twittery person but i got there :P
    blog link:
    burning question:
    the shadowfae covers are so beautiful - do you get any creative input? and why is the third one different? im a stickler for matching sets :P
    i hope you swing by Melbourne again sometime

  8. I've friended you in both and RT'd this link...
    I may deign to post in my blog, it all depends if you make it worth my while :)

  9. This giveaway is great. I love the book selection.
    I friended you on FB.

  10. {waves} sorry I missed you in Melbourne! Maybe next time...
    On cover art: they ask me for ideas, but it's really up to the publisher. They do such a great job that I don't mind a bit! Not sure who the artist is for this one... but it's beautiful!

  11. Re: Great give away!
    Thanks Suzy for dropping by! The most difficult thing... finding time for all the other stuff that I have to do besides writing. Often it's the writing that falls through the cracks once all the other stuff is done :( As for inspiration... everyday things give me ideas. I just love making things up. The fun is motivation enough!

  12. Be sure to come back later :) and I love your icon :D

  13. Re: book giveaway
    Hi Margaret! Glad you got something out of the workshop. I was hoping it wasn't too technical :) especially with the people playing with swords next door having such fun...

  14. Re: Book give away
    Hi Bren :D thanks for visiting!

  15. {waves} thanks for coming by! As for another series... well, we'll see. Hopefully this one will go for a bit longer!

  16. Thanks for visiting, Stephanie :D I thought it'd be fun to celebrate such a fabulous day of book releases... then again, every Tuesday is a fabulous day!

  17. ooh... looks like I shall have to come up with an appropriate bribe ;)

  18. awesome giveaway.please count me in
    I follow you on twitter @elaing8
    I retweeted your tweet

  19. {waves} Hi Elaine! thanks for visiting :)

  20. I am sure you will think of something :)

  21. Congratulations Erica!
    Hi Erica! :D
    Congratulations and thank you for making this awesome contest international!
    -Friended you on Facebook (Giada Mariani)
    -Followed you on Twitter (I'm @hatshepsut0011)
    Giada M.
    fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. Heeh!
    IKR? There's more where that came from! I am an ASkars maniac! :P
    - Friended on FB
    - Follow on Twitter (@yllektra)
    - Tweeted this contest (
    - Shared it on FB (!/profile.php?id=887420205&v=wall&story_fbid=136328539748403&ref=mf)
    - mentioned this contest on your blog/sidebar (
    Hmmm... No question!! Hee, I need a pic of a kookambura! Are they really that annoying? lol
    When an Aussie friend mentioned this bird to me, it was so funny, because it sounds weird in Greek! *g*
    (Minus the [koo] it means "Hunchback" in Greek) lmao

  23. Like urban fantasy books?
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  24. - Friended on Facebook as Robin Kae
    - Followed on Twitter (@intensewhisper)
    - Tweeted:!/IntenseWhisper/statuses/26402428433
    - Question: I noticed that the Poison Kissed cover does not match the previous two covers. What happened?

  25. I'm following you on twitter and facebook and retweeted your tweet about the contest. I don't have a blog so I can't do that.
    I don't have any burning questions but I do want to say I love your books <3

  26. Definitely next time!
    So they do at least 'consult' with you? And yes, the cover gods have been very good to you! My favorite is still the first cover for Shadowfae :D

  27. Alrighty. You are officially befriended on FB. Or liked. Same difference.
    I tried to think of a clever question, witty comment or an amusing quip. I got nothing. What can I say? It's a slow day for me.
    Keep up the writing. And I'll keep up the reading. It's a strong social contract; a bond if you will, between writer and reader.

  28. Of course I've Friended you on Facebook, and Follow you on Twitter. But I didn't do that just for this contest - I've been there long time ;-)
    If I win, I'd like just POISON KISSED, please - the other books can go to someone else :-)

  29. Re: Congratulations Erica!
    Hi Giada :) international is good! If I made is Aussie only I wouldn't have many friends... so it's all international for me :D

  30. LOL! Kookaburras do make a funny and loud noise. And I guess if you had one outside your window early in the morning it'd be very annoying... They are little fat brown and white birds. Here's a pic:

  31. Hi Ellen :D thanks for coming by! The first two covers I didn't have input -- they turned out so beautiful! The third one is different (yeah, sorry about that, not matching) but I love it too -- I think they wanted to go for a stronger urban fantasy look.

  32. {waves} thanks for visiting! It's a new look for book 3 -- they wanted to go for a more kick-ass heroine, urban fantasy look than the first two. It's a shame they don't match, but I love them all :)

  33. Hi Kathryn :D I understand slow days. Most days are slow for me ;) thanks for visiting!

  34. Thanks Casey! I'm so pleased you enjoy them! Have a great day :D

  35. {waves} Hi Tez, ol' buddy ol' pal :D if you are the winner, I think we can come to some arrangement...

  36. Hee, thanks!
    Gosh, they are fugly, too!!
    Why aren't they extinct? :P j/k lol

  37. What a great group of books :) I've friended you on facebook

  38. I have pressed the magic button on Facebook and have been guided here by [info]areteus. Send me stuff (please)!!

  39. Welcome, electrobard! If areteus sent you, then no doubt you'll be trouble :)

  40. Hi Emma :) thanks for visiting! They are a fab lot of new releases on one day, aren't they? So many great books, so little time...

  41. Congrats Erica!
    Another release-you must write fast! How long does it take you to complete a book? Must be faster than most.
    I already follow you on twitter (@EllzReadz) and I am already a facebook fan (EllzReadz)
    I put your giveaway on my sidebar

  42. Awesome contest.
    I friended you on FB (JoAnna Halpin Becker)
    I'm following you on twitter @beckerjo
    Mentioned on sidebar:
    Do you have any favorite authors that you like to read?
    On a side note, I have never heard of this series. I read the synopsis of Shadowfae, I can't wait to read it now.

  43. Yep - I'm a certain form of trouble ;)

  44. Hey Erica,I've done all the above (Twitter,Facebook,Blog :D ). Must admit I've never read your books but you come with a great recommendation from a good friend (areteus) :) x Look forward to news about the contest...incidentally,I'm one of the reviewers for the Bookaholics Books Club on Facebook...would you be interested in doing a short interview for our fans? :) xxxx

  45. i "liked" you on facebook and i'm adding your books to my to be read list for sure :)

  46. Awesome contest - can't wait to check your stuff out - i've got you on facebook and i shared on seducedbybooks on facebook.
    jennscl at gmail dot com

  47. I have liked on facebook and am following on twitter and have retweeted your tweet on twitter (try saying that 10 times!!!) Thanks for a great contest
    natcleary at gmail dot com.

  48. Wow great contest; you've chosen awesome books to the pack. I've friended you on FB; I don't have Twitter :D Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Re: Congrats Erica!
    Hi ellz :) great to see you! At the moment I'm doing a book every 6 months, which I think is pretty common... but I'm only doing one series, so it seems like a lot!

  50. HI JoAnna :) thanks for visiting! I have so many authors I love it's hard to pick a favourite... I just finished The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks and that was pretty cool.

  51. Hi Lisa :) thanks for coming by! Hope you enjoy the books!

  52. Hi sunnyb :) thanks for dropping by! areteus is finding me lots of new friends... I think he likes the hot chicks in my books LOL... and I would love to do an interview. If you like, email me ez @ -- thanks!

  53. Hi Natalie :) thanks for visiting and retwittering my retweet :D

  54. Thanks for visiting, Jennifer! Nice facebook page too :D

  55. Thanks for visiting, Judy :) they are an awesome lot of books aren't they? Maybe I'll win my own competition so I can keep them LOL

  56. :) (if you'll come up with another name no one will notice :P)

  57. I definitely will :) I'm sure our Bookaholics will be thrilled :) Thanks xxx

  58. I love love your cover! Who did the art? PS: What a great selection of books you picked here! LOVES
    I "liked" you on Facebook (Nicole H. S...), and now follow on Twitter (@MinnChica)

  59. Thanks for visiting, Nicole :D It is a fabulous cover, isn't it? Not sure who the artist is but I love them :)

  60. Awesome giveaway.
    - FB Friend: Arantza C
    - Twitter follower: (@Sparima)
    - Tweet:
    - Sidebar:

  61. Wow, amazing giveaway! Heard a lot of great things about these books! Makes me very curious to check them out! :]
    Friended you on FB! (Susi Ne)
    Follow you on Twitter (frozencampari)

  62. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful giveaway!
    Let's see.. I've growlers you in FB and here and I follow you on Twitter.. I actually enjoy your entries on LJ more than on FB! Gives me an opportunity to get to know you~
    here's a q for you! Do you have your characters wandering around in your head sometimes, or are they separate entities to you? I only ask because, as a novice writer myself, I've experienced both types of character expression. Thanks!

  63. Wow! Thanks so much for making this international! I don't have a FB identity nor a Twitter identity (ok, that sort of sounds like living under a rock. But hey, that's just me :D). Here's my question for you: What the first paranormal movie you watched?
    You can reach me at

  64. Thanks for visiting :) hey, did you ever get my email with that .pdf?

  65. Thanks bethibee :) when I've actually got something to say, I come to LJ :) FB I use more for updates. It's nice to have both!
    I can only wish my characters would wander around in my head and do their own thing... usually I have to beat them into it. THough occasionally I have someone who'll take on a life of their own. I think it's different for every writer?

  66. luvpinkpanther... <3 that's an identity all of its own :)
    The first paranormal movie I ever watched... wow, that's going back a ways. I'd have to say Raiders of the Lost Ark, if that counts. First sci-fi was probably The Empire Strikes Back -- I remember going to see that one at the drive-in theatre :) Did I just own up to my age? Yes. Yes, I think I did...

  67. pick ME :)
    - Friended you on Facebook (Mariska H)
    - Followed on Twitter (@becunique)
    - Tweeted :
    - since i'm not sure whether this question has been asked before. do you planning to write in other genres ?
    uniquas at ymail dot com

  68. Fantasy Book Pack Giveaway!
    Hey Erica I was wondering how you feel about hardcover/paperback vs. eBooks? Also how do you come up with your great idea's for your stories? What an awesome giveaway. I would love to be enytered.
    I friended you on Facebook (Raquel Vega-Grieder).
    I already follow you on Twitter (@skyla11377).
    I tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter (@skyla11377).
    I posted this giveaway on my Left Side Bar.

  69. Re: pick ME :)
    Thanks for visiting, Mariska :) I love writing urban fantasy, but I'm also working on a futuristic at the moment. It has an urban fantasy-type heroine, but with spaceships and rayguns :) great fun!

  70. Re: Fantasy Book Pack Giveaway!
    Hi Raquel! thanks for coming by :) we don't get a whole lot of e-books in Australia yet -- at least not the kind of books I like to read! -- so I'm still a fan of paperbacks. I do read some e-books on my iPod, though.
    Coming up with ideas? It kinda just happens... at least to start with. I get one initial idea, usually for a character or a big plot point, and then I have to bash it into shape and make it into a story. I'm not one of those people who can dream up a story all at once, unfortunately :(