Sunday, November 7, 2010

UK release, we haz it

Just a note to say that POISON KISSED is now available in the UK!! So if you're one of those folorn, left-out folks who can't access the US Amazon or Book Depository sites, you can now order from Amazon UK or BD UK.

Also check out my latest interview and giveaway at Nocturne Romance Reads. Ever been dying to know what the Shadowfae Chronicles theme song is? Sure you have.

In the meantime, I've been working on a vampire short story, and kicking a few proposals for novels into shape. They don't look much like novels yet. But they're getting there.

I start with some random idea, about a turning point or a character dilemma. But novels need plots, and I have neither the time nor the reckless hubris (you know who you are, folks) to begin writing on a project when I don't know for sure there's a decent plot in it.

An idea is not a plot. A scenario or a pile of world-building is not a plot. 'And then they fall in love and defeat the bad guys and save the world' is not a plot. Even if a few six-figure-advance YA authors seem to think it is.

So if I seem unproductive for a while, it's because I'm spending time plotting. And I plot because I don't have time to waste. Strange, but there it is.


  1. Heeh, I loved your choice of song!!
    MCR are amazing!
    And I think Breaking Benjamin or Seether could work well with it! ;)
    Oh, good luck! Vampires, yay!
    I'm excited to see this "idea" turn into a plot and get published too! *g*

  2. The vampire short is what I'm doing in the gaps when the novel plotting gets too hard... sometimes the ideas just have to percolate for a while. In the meantime, smexy vamps :)

  3. Congrats on the UK release!!!
    Good luck with the short story!!! Smexy Vamps - can't wait ;)

  4. I finally get to my google reader (& go eeep, or, oh crap) and see this.
    You've nailed what I've been doing with ancient Rome. It's not ready yet cause that's what is percolating deep in my brain.