Thursday, December 2, 2010

My new blog!


If the Blogger gods are smiling on me, this will cross-post to LiveJournal as planned -- hope it works!

For any LJ folks who might want to switch over, my Blogger site is -- and my LJ remains I'll be cross-posting everything, at least for a while, so follow me wherever you like!

If you're wondering where all the posts below came from, I've imported everything from LJ. So not a single pearl of my wisdom will be lost. I know, I know -- what a relief!

Seeing as I've got this new flashy site, I'm gonna kick off tomorrow (Friday) with some Friday Fancies. What's Friday Fancies, you ask? Well, it's where I get all gushy about a book I like, and then give you the chance to win a copy. Simple.

I'll be giving away a new book on Friday every couple of weeks, whenever I read one I feel is worthy of the instant fame and glory my recognition will bring. That's the kind of generous soul I am.

So stay tuned, bat-listeners. I'll also be doing Writing Wednesdays, where I share my latest earth-shattering epiphanies about the mysteries of writing and publishing. And when I can think of something cool and alliterative for Mondays, I'll do that too.

In fact, I'm open to suggestions. What's a good M-topic you'd like to see on that dreaded first day of the week? Mournful Mondays? Monsters and Mayhem? Monday Man-titty*?

*Actually, no. This blog will be a MTFZ (man-titty free zone)! Unless, y'know, it's on a book cover. Or I really feel like it.


  1. lol
    I can't stop laughing at the man-titty free zone.

  2. We'll see how long I can resist...

  3. rotfl!!
    OMG, no please! No man-titty references! :P

  4. Okay, that's one vote against Man-titty Mondays :)

  5. I vote AGAINST Mantitty Monday.

    But I would like Melbourne Monday :-)

  6. nice trailer for poison kissed

  7. How about Manic Mondays,where you tell us about your own writing projects and life on the other side of the pen? :)

  8. Melbourne Monday... hmmm. Maybe I'll have to do a series. A different M each week...

    Glad you liked the trailer, Funkerts! Thanks!

  9. Welcome to blogger Erica. :))

    LOL re Man-Titty free zone. Let's see how long that lasts :))