Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fancies: Sins of the Heart by Eve Silver

Hello and welcome to Friday Fancies, a new feature on my blog where I'll be sharing some recent reads I loved and giving you eager reading folks the chance to win your very own copy.

This fortnight's Friday Fancy: Eve Silver's SINS OF THE HEART, book 1 in the Otherkin series from HQN.

What it's like: Egyptian mythology, plus romance, plus some lovely icky bits! Hot hero who doesn't posture (he's cool enough not to need to -- and yay! he's blond! see, you can have a blond hero), strong and active heroine who doesn't whine. A good mystery plot. Oh, and bleeding hearts in bags. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Why it's cool: horror and romance. I mean, real horror. Not just dudes we are told are bad-ass who never actually, well, do anything bad-ass. These guys are the real deal. Soul reapers who actually reap souls -- and it's not some nice clean magical process where no one gets their hands dirty. It's messy, painful and scary. An author after my own heart :)

If you're a writer: Eve Silver knows how to mix subplot material with the romance plot without letting the main story get lost. She lets the characters' actions speak for themselves, instead of having to tell us how cool they are. And unlike some writers {cough me cough} she knows when to stop with the horror. Just enough gory details to fill in the picture, and then she lets you go. So it isn't overwhelming.

So. Wanna win a paperback copy* of this awesome book? Of course you do. Leave me a comment here, follow me, tell all your friends about Friday Fancies, do something nice like that (it's the season for nice things, after all!) and next Friday I'll pick a winner at random. If you live where the Book Depository ships, you can win. Easy.

"But I already have this book!" you cry? Well, that's okay. If you win, you can choose any book from the trilogy for your prize -- SINS OF THE HEART, SINS OF THE SOUL or SINS OF THE FLESH. I have them all, and they're all equally cool.

So you tell me: do you like horror, gore and icky stuff in your paranormal romance? What are some other good horror romances? Who's your favourite bad-ass hero? Or,  do you prefer your vampires sparkly and your werewolves to change in a puff of 'it's magic, okay', rather than all that flesh-tearing and tendon-popping?

*I can't gift e-books. Sorry, I'd love to, but this is Australia. We don't have e-books here.


  1. Hey there Erica,
    don't enter me in this comp, because I'm half way through reading this book right now, and it is brilliant! Can't wait to read the rest of them.
    I like your shiny new blog and yes I'll tell my friends. And I'm SUUUURE you'll do better this time...

  2. Hi Erica. Throw me on the list. I've actually been eyeing this book off for a while now.
    As to horror-romance, I think its definitely an underexplored genre. No sprakly vampires here please.
    P.S Love the star border.
    Bec Skrabl

  3. Or sparkly ones either.

  4. Peter aka King Yob the tall and skinnyDec 3, 2010, 9:48:00 PM

    bad ass hero... blonde, non-sparkly vampire who still gets his teeth stuck into things... and nearly shares your name... Eric Northman in the True Blood series.

    You should visit your hometown sometime!

    Peter xo

  5. {waves} Hi Bec! Horror vamps are much more interesting.

    And King Yob (giggle) we can talk about Eric all you want :) he is definitely a bad-ass!

    As for hometown... I hear it's soon to vanish into the depths if it doesn't stop raining. Y'know, like Atlantis. I'd better hurry...

  6. Hi Erica :)
    Sorry I wasn't following your blog before.
    You don't have e-books in Australia?

  7. Hi Rob :) actually this is a new blog... I just moved here from LiveJournal. It's prettier here!
    Heh... we do have e-books in Australia. But we have big issues with territorial restrictions, and a lot of stuff from the US isn't available. It's a sore point :) I'm imagining it's the same in Canada?

  8. I LOVE icky for bad or worse. I Love the Black Dagger Brotherhood from J.R. Ward...Rhage is a real killer, I mean who wouldn't love a vampire who turns into a dragon and eats his enemies (burp)}:)I will tweet your site and let my book club know about this contest when I go in to pick up my books today (you never know one of US might win, woot)!

  9. No, I don't really like extra gory horror, so I appreciate i that the author knows when to stop so as not to make it too overwhelming :)

    Shared some love...





    Cherry Mischievous
    cherrymischif-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com

  10. No no no sparkly vamps! But they may be hot and nice, or wicked and evil. just no sparkles. And weres well I do not mind a quick change but that tearing of flesh agony is more fitting

  11. Loving the new look, Erica!

    I agree with Bodeuedd: please, no sparklies and give me a realistic shape-change that really makes me shudder when I read it! I don't mind a bit of horror with my romance -- so long as there's a possibility of a HEA somewhere in the distance, it's sweet. *VBG* I'm too wussy for true horrors though -- I don't appreciate the nightmares my fertile imagination inflicts.

    As for writing horror: A couple of reviewers lately have given warnings to readers about some of my scenes. So I'm wondering whether I'm going a bit too far with the gruesome stuff? It's a fine line....

  12. More votes for icky :) excellent. We anti-sparklies will yet take over the world...

    Thanks for all the RTs and reposts, everyone :) you're lovely.

    And I think Maree has put her finger on it for a lot of readers -- so long as there's the prospect of a HEA, and the characters are realistic, we don't mind a bit of horror, bwahaha...

  13. My whole blurb just disappearred ,, icky gory bone tering flesheating should stay... . All stories need background and history... romance steam all inclusive... where else will we brake to lose ourselves in the making of history

  14. I haven't read any of the series as yet so any one of the books would be great.

    Blood and Gore etc. is not my first love but if there is a decent story, I can live with it.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  15. I love horror and if there is some paranormal elements, it makes it even better! Please throw my name in the hat as well.
    baychriz at gmail dot com

  16. These books are awesome!! I have read the first two and loved them! It would be great if I could win one of them :-)

  17. As long as the story is good and drags me into another world then I don't care whether there's bone crunching, skin stretching transformations or shimmer and shake and they're changed descriptions.

    I've read Eve Kenin's work (Eve Silver's alter ego) and it's great, so I'm assuming this book will be as good as her other stuff. So count me in, E! Thanks.

  18. They are indeed awesome, Sonia :) thanks for visiting!

    {waves at Kylie} :D

  19. Well, I like the variety of having 2 different types of werewolf transformations, one of my favourite authors that has painful werewolves changes is Kelley Armstrong. I really love her books.

  20. Yay! This is so cool! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity Erica!
    Wow put horror, gore with a mix of paranormal/romance together and I'm so in!
    I've heard about these books so I would love love love for a chance to win, count me in please! :)
    I'm a follower, fan, and I just linked this on my wall :]


  21. Indeedy, Spav. Sometimes it's fun when they just switch in a puff of smoke :) I've only read one KA but it was very cool.

    Welcome, Vanessa! I think it's a great series :)

  22. Hi!
    I have already ordered this series, so not entering, but I will pimp it! :)