Monday, January 3, 2011

Another set of new year's promises

Welcome back, and happy new year! Seems pretty much the same as the last one so far. Lovely warm weather, too many leftovers in the fridge, and we're still getting beaten at the cricket. Sigh.

Still, never too late for some new year promises. Mine are the same as usual: write more, faff less. Sell some more stories. Find the time to play more music.

What are your new year's resolutions?


  1. Your goals sound awfully like mine. :-)

    Write a couple books. Less procrastinating. Always up for good music.

    Add some incense or scented candles and I'm happy.

  2. I decided to go with open ended resolutions this year, that way I won't feel like I tried or failed, it'll just be I did some part of it.
    Be Happy - including saying yes to things I usually say no to.
    Be Healthy - visit the outside world where there are no walls, even if that means weaning myself off the interwebs by bringing the laptop outside
    Be Proactive - no more frivolity, I want to use a passport after this year and visit the people I've grown to love that are far away.

    Let's just all hope we can get some of these done!

  3. Write more, flail less, teach my husband how to load the new dishwasher, teach my daughter how to load the new dishwasher...eventually be freed of dishwashing forever...(I see a theme here.)

  4. Flail less. That's a good one :) and anything involving other people and dishwashers has my vote.

    But Cass: what is this strange 'outside world' of which you speak?

  5. My goals include getting a writing routine back, settling in my new town, losing half my bodyweight and getting healthy, the usual impossible dreams. Faffing is a great word Erica.