Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fancies: Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast

Friday Fancies is where I make you all sit down and listen to me gush about a recent read I really liked, and then give you the chance to win a copy. As ice cream from toddlers? Right. Let's go.

This fortnight's Friday Fancy: WICKED ENCHANTMENT by Anya Bast, the first in her Dark Magick paranormal romance series.

What it's like: Faeries. Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Wild happenings. The hero is dark and mysterious. The heroine isn't a pain in the ass. What more do you want? :)

Why it's cool: lush paranormal scenery, and a nice twist on the old Seelie/Unseelie thing. Scorching hot sex. Passionate romance that goes beyond 'ugh, you are my mate, let's shag'. Uh... yeah. Seriously? For good old-fashioned sexy paranormal romance, you can't go past this.

If you're a writer: Ms Bast is the master (mistress?) of the simple, in-your-face, state-it-in-a-sentence romantic conflict. The hero is hot, but he's been sent to entrap her. That's it. And Ms Bast makes it go far, far beyond anything you could reasonably expect. The sensual tension is ever-present and ever-increasing, even when they've already done it.

And I'm not sure if maybe the author knows a lot of really cool guys to model them on, or something, but her heroes always know exactly what to say to make me melt. The dialogue is tres sexy, something a lot of authors struggle with.

Her Elemental Witches series is just as simple, just as hot, and just as good. Get thee to Anya Bast, folks, and have some fun.

Right. Wanna win a paperback copy of this awesome book? Of course you do. Just leave me a comment here, follow this blog, tweet me something nice, etc.. No nasty remarks about the cricket, please. We're still hurting down here...

I'll choose a winner at random. Giveaway closes midnight east coast US time next Thursday, 13 January. If you live where the Book Depository ships, you can win. And if you've already got WICKED ENCHANTMENT, and you're lucky enough to win, maybe we can talk about another of Ms Bast's books as the prize.

Any recommendations for some more sexy paranormals? What have you read lately that floated your boat?


  1. There's what the industry thinks is sexy, and what I think is sexy. I'm all for m/m or m/m/f (yes, in that order - NOT m/f/m), but just can't seem to find them in the big NY publishers. (I'm sure Carina, Samhain & Ellora's Cave have them, but I haven't figured out how to go eBook shopping yet.)

    Anyhoo, I can recommend Megan Hart's EXIT LIGHT as a sexy paranormal. But it's really more of a psychological urban fantasy, which is rather awesome.

  2. Yeah... m/m is still a bit of a no-no for NY, it seems. They do m/f/m, like Anya's JEWELED. Have you read THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW by Denise Rossetti?

    Otherwise, you can get away with what I do in my books -- secondary characters, and a bit of sly screwery with the hero's sexuality so long as he doesn't actually do it on-screen :)

  3. Love the 'state-in-a-sentence-romantic conflict'. LOL!! Yes sometimes the KISS principle is really the best.

    I've just started Maggie Shayne's collection At Twilight. So don't know if it's in the sexy zone. I have also just started J.R. Ward's Covet.

  4. I Love Anya her style & context. I have close to 2,000 books, mostly paranormal romance. Hooked on J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood :)

  5. I love Anya's books. I have to get more of them. I love the way she writes and gets my attention.