Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: GERMLINE by T.C McCarthy

This week's Teaser Tuesday (hosted by Should Be Reading) is from a really cool book I read on the plane this weekend: GERMLINE, book 1 of the Subterrene War series, a military futuristic/SF thriller by T.C. McCarthy.

A seriously mad book, folks. It's about this reporter who goes to the front line in a hellish (and I mean truly fucked-up) futuristic war. It's got elements of horror (and a little crazy-ass romance!) as well as sci-fi/futuristic action. Ceramic thermal suits, people. Seriously? Putting on a gas mask used to freak me out. Having to live in full gear for weeks on end... brrr.

Book 2 is coming out in March, called EXOGENE. Check out the author's Amazon author page.

I knew my size and I told him. I'd been through Rube-Hack back in the States; all of us had. The Pentagon called it Basic Battlefield Training, but every grunt I'd met had just laughed at me, and not behind my back.

Rube. Babe. Another civilian too stupid to realise that anything was better than Kaz because Kazakhstan was another world, purgatory for those who least deserved it, a vacation for the suicidal, and a novelty for those whose brain chemistry was messed up enough to make them think it would be a cool place to visit. To see firsthand. Only graduates of Rube-Hack thought that last way, actually wanted Kaz.

Only reporters.

"Real special," he said. Chappy lifted a suit from the pile and dropped it at my feet, then handed me a helmet. Across the back, someone had scrawled forget me not or I'll blow your punk-ass away. "That guy doesn't need it anymore, got killed before he could suit up, so it's in decent shape."

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