Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: VENGEANCE BORN by Kylie Griffin

This week's Teaser Tuesday is from VENGEANCE BORN, a fab new fantasy romance from my buddy (and fellow Berkley author!) Kylie Griffin. Check out the lovely cover!

And it's a series, folks: book 2 is called ALLIANCE FORGED and comes out in July.

"You're a demon."

Annika flinched like he'd struck her. Her cheeks drained of all color, shadowed pain flashed in her eyes, and Kalan realized too late he'd spoken aloud.

"Don't forget the words tainted and cursed half-blood bastard, Light Blade." Her fists clenched tight in the dress she held against her chest. "They're always a popular accompaniment with that label."

And one from me, just because I can: here's a snippet from SHADOWFAE, my debut novel from 2009.

I didn't mean to sleep, but I must have dropped off, my arms still wrapped around him, his dripping head on my breast.

When I woke, he'd melted.

Just a mass of watery blue gel, cold and sticky on my skin, the mattress beneath me drenched with indigo liquid like blood and the sour stink of decay.

Gone. Precious, giddy, lonesome Nyx, who laughed and chased butterflies through the air in Carlton Gardens, who cartwheeled into the river for fun and did handstands in the street at midnight when it rained. Who had no one better to come to when he knew he was dying than me.


  1. Hey E, was trolling the blogs of friends and found your surprise post - thanks! :-) You know it occurs to me maybe I should also be selling the cover as a poster - sooooo many comments about it (although Gene M. - cover artist - might demand his share, LOL. I emailed him the other day about the reception/comments it's getting and he's chuffed).

    BTW, my copies of the Shadowfae series have been absconded with - a friend lent it to a friend and they have found a permanent home with them.

    So, hats off on writing a story that hooks someone enough to want them that bad!!! LOL Means the first friend is going to have to go out and buy another copy for me, only this time I ain't lending them to anyone!

  2. Book thieves :) curses!
    I dunno... so long as you're giving the cover away for free as promo... like, y'know, bookmarks or whatever...?