Saturday, February 2, 2013

The SFR Brigade Presents...

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade presents... 

...a collection of cool SFR snippets! Check out some favourite or new-to-you authors!

Here's mine, from my sci-fi adventure DRAGONFLY. Carrie is a secret agent, and she's finally insinuated herself onto the spaceship of the criminal she's hunting. But it isn't working out quite like she'd planned...

He hopped down the steps and planted himself on the worktable before me, shoving aside a half-built gammaspace commlink and a bunch of colored wire. “Welcome to Ladrona,” he said, but he didn’t sound pleased to have me here. “Now give me my chip.”

Ladrona. Lady thief. It figured.

I crossed one leg over the other—here, have another eyeful—and folded my arms. “I don’t think so.”

Challenge glinted in his eyes. “I could search you for it.”

I couldn’t help glancing at his fingers. Remnants of desire lingered in my hot skin and skipping pulse, and my guts tightened. I flashed him a glare, daring him. “Not without that pistol.”

He watched me, dark because he knew I was right. “So what, will you just sit there?”

“Only for as long as it takes. I want in.”

He laughed, pleasant and melodic. It made me remember kissing him, the way he’d tasted, how he’d made me ache for him.

Anger boiled, and I glared at him. I should never have let him get away with that. “What’s so funny?”

Señorita, you have no idea what you’re asking.”


  1. Well, I sense some double meanings here. Great excerpt!

  2. Well they apparently have some history going on - an intriguing excerpt.The writing sure crackles inagoodway!

  3. Man, I can feel that tension! Well done!

  4. This snippet and the Galaxy award are enough to make me go download the sample!

  5. I feel the heat! I like your cover, too.

  6. Great snippet! I love the emotions he is stirring in her. And I love the title 'Dragonfly.'

  7. Heat, tension and great conflict in store. Love it.

  8. I didn't download the sample, Erica. I bought it. And I'm totally engrossed! LOVE how you have Russia as the dominant culture. You see, Russia is my biggest passion.