Tuesday, December 22, 2009

on the first shade of christmas...


Day One

And the Day One winner is... dum dum dum... jacabur2008 !!!

Congrats, Jackie! You've won yourself a signed copy of SHADOWFAE. That was easy, eh?

Only five more shady days to go. Only five more free copies of SHADOWFAE. But there's still time. Here's the link to the contest post, but you know the drill: blog, retweet, show me some social networkin' lurve, and you'll go in the draw.

And you know what? About this SHADOWGLASS ARC...

People like shiny new ARCs. Yes, indeedy they do.

And bless me if it didn't seem fair to exclude the people who've already won SHADOWFAE from the chance to win the ARC.

So here's what I'll do. Even if you've already won, you can stay in the draw for the ARC on Christmas Day. Yes! That's the sort of kind, compassionate soul I am.

So keep blogging and tweeting and telling everyone -- the more you harp on, the more entries you get.

Right. I'm off to actually do some writing {gasp! shock! horror!} for a change. Won't be surprised if I don't remember how...


  1. Hi Erica :)
    Congratulations to the winner!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. congrats and a tweet
    Congrats Jackie!!
    I tweeted this contest today.

  3. Yeah Shadowfae has a new home next year, Thanks Erica......
    Hello Erica, power went out this morning after emailed you my info. Thanks for the winning pick and oh so many more thanks for leaving me another chance to get in on the ARC drawing as well. I am going to tweet again to let more folks know they have a chance and happy holidays and happy reading all..
    Thanks RK and Elnice good luck to you both in the drawing the next 5 days.....
    Tweeted at jacabur1 today with link to contest...
    Jackie B Central Texas

  4. Congrats J!