Friday, December 25, 2009

shady day five

Day Five

...and the Day Five winner is... ... @whatinabox !!

Congrats! You won a free SHADOWFAE, complete with succubi, hawt fairies and a nasty vampire or two.

Tomorrow I'm giving away the last copy, and the Speshul Christmas Holiday Prize, a SHADOWGLASS ARC!! So leave your comments, tweet, blog etc.. You can check out the original contest post here to see how to enter.

{Psst! It's actually already Christmas here. Balmy...

But because there's three hundred million of you and only twenty million of us, what say we pretend?
Only one more sleep...



  1. Congrats winner!
    Here is my tweet for today.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Congrats "Whatinabox"
    still tweeting the contest. wasn't sure if we were suppose to keep posting them for the arc.. oh well.. here's another if we

  3. Congrats @whatinabox...
    Merry Christmas everyone....
    Jackie B Central Texas