Wednesday, March 10, 2010

everywhere? why, yes, I am

Time for a quick recap on blog tour goodness, Because, y'know, if no one knows you're on a blog tour, then what's the point? 

Come check out these awesome book blogs. I tend to give away free books at these things. I'm an author, books are what I've got to give.

I'm a guest at Sara's Urban Fantasy Blog, talking about where my ideas come from. And no, it's not the supermarket.

Wanna know why you should read my book? Check out my post at Sidhe Vicious

I'm also at All Things Urban Fantasy, about how you explain 'urban fantasy' to people who've (gasp!) never heard of it.

And today I'm at Literary Escapism, exploring that standard author wackiness called 'my characters talk to me'. Do they? Well... sorta.

Awesomesauce? Definitely.

Oh, and while I'm talking awesome, you have to check out the book lottery at Ann Aguirre's blog. She's got oodles of free signed books to give away, one each day for the rest of the month, to celebrate the upcoming release of her book HELL FIRE.

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