Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the great aussie fantasy giveaway!

It's huge. It's happening. It's here...


The Great Aussie Fantasy giveaway!

I'm giving away these four wonderful books by some fabulous downunder authors. Click on the cover images to find out more about them. Plus, of course, a book of mine. It's called SHADOWGLASS. And why, look, it comes out today! Thanks for asking. I'm very pleased.

Five hot fantasy books, all yours. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment saying why you want them. I'm cool and casual like that.

Why am I feeling so mighty generous? Well, I'm glad you asked. I may have mentioned it. It's because...

SHADOWGLASS is released today!

A seductive magic mirror lies hidden deep in a demon’s lair, with a simple warning: don’t stare at the glass…

Ice is a thief and a scammer — a troubled fairy trying her best to survive in the squalid underworld of the Shadowfae. When she spends a hot night with a demon lord, she discovers a powerful magic mirror in his lair — and pilfers it, knowing it’s the key to escaping her bleak life as a two-bit con artist. But Ice soon discovers that the mirror's power comes with a price… madness, which is slowly overtaking her.

Indigo oozes darkness, danger and tempting sensuality. He’s been sent to destroy Ice and bring the mirror back to its rightful owner. A mission that, if he fails, will cost him his life. But when he meets Ice, he faces an even greater challenge: an insatiable sexual hunger that neither of them can deny, and dark passions that threaten to claim them both forever. The trouble is, the longer he stays within the mirror’s reach, the greater its hold on his sanity—and the stronger his determination to save Ice...

You can read Chapter One or view the trailer at my website. Buy links are in the sidebar. Hope you enjoy it!

Anyway, don't forget to leave a comment to enter the giveaway. Tell me why you should win all these books. Are you a Riley Jenson fan? In lurve with Nalini's Raphael? Adore Denise's scorching hawt fantasy heroes? Wanna try some vampire hunting action from Tracey O'hara? Or do you just like free books from new-to-you authors? Impress me with your wit. I'm easy :)

I'll be picking a winner when I get up on Saturday morning, which is late Friday afternoon in the US. So make sure you include an email or a Twitter name or something where I can get hold of you, especially if you're not an LJ-er.


  1. Why should I win? Cause I am your fan (Is that not enough? -grin* LOL Also because I want to read books by authors that are new to me =D It is very cool :discovering" stuff you like! ^-^
    I cannot wait to get mine!! *YAYYYY!!!!*

  2. Erica, Congrats on the release of Shadowglass!
    I am the biggest fan of Keri Arthur's Riley series. I can't believe the up coming book will be the last. *sigh*
    Also, I've heard great things about Tracy O'Hara.
    Great contest too!
    twitter: @LisaMBasso

  3. Congrats on your new release!
    That's an impressive line up of Aussie authors. :D And I should win cause I love the authors I've read and should try out the ones I haven't read.

  4. Congrats on your release of Shadowglass!!
    I am addicted to Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series and have yet to obtain and consume Archangel's Kiss - It's not available where I am. Yet. *sigh*
    As for Tracy O'hara's Night's Cold Kiss - I too have heard great things about her. It's always sweet to discover new worlds and characters through new-to-me authors, which would be the case with both Denise Rossetti & Tracy.
    As for your Shadowglass... I want the grit, the urban feel, the romantic aspect I've been hearing so much of. Basically I want it, possibly need it. ;D
    ~ INCiDeNT

  5. I'm from NZ and always on the look out for new australisian authors. :)
    Would love to receive this fantastic selection of books.

  6. I forgot to leave a way of contact - my bad.
    ~ INCiDeNT

  7. I should win because I have not read ANY of these authors yet. I'm missing out on these great books :( Thanks for the giveaway!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  8. Oh wow! So many great authors!
    I would love to win these books because i haven't been able to buy many books lately, and i have just been itching to read these.
    Books are my biggest addiction, but with the finances like they are now, they have to go on the back burner.
    I love all these authors, and let me say, your book sounds like a huge winner in my eyes! Even if i don't win, im going to put it on my list of books i want to 'eventually' get *rolls eyes*
    Anyway, thank you for putting this competition up for us! I would so love to have the books, would totally make my month so much better than it has been.
    Suzi xox
    (Had to repost because of stupid spelling making things not make sense!)

  9. Awesome! Didn't know that Nalini Singh was from downunder.

  10. I am a fan of Nalini Sigh's books and yes I'm in lurve with Raphael, I also like Ripple Creek Werewolf series by Keri Arthur. Congrats on your book, it sounds exciting .

  11. I am a fan of Nalini Sigh's books and yes I'm in lurve with Raphael, I also like Ripple Creek Werewolf series by Keri Arthur. Congrats on your book, it sounds exciting . My Twitter name is TasciaD.

  12. love to win
    I would love to win these books. I didn't realize all of these authors were Aussies
    I havne't read too many, only a few of Keri Arthur's and they rock.
    PLease enter me
    RoxanneRhoads @ aol .com

  13. Sorry for posting twice but I had forgotten to leave my twitter name.

  14. Wow, what a COOL giveaway! Why do I want to win these books? Because they are AWESOME. I've been wanting to read all of the authors (I've read 2 Riley books) but money has been tight and I forced myself to buy food for the family and pay my bills before buying more books. Books DO come before clothing though:) I think my email is attached to the livejournal account but just in case: brenda (at)

  15. Pretty much anything Nalini Singh writes is going to go on my bookshelf. :D Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Sorry, typo! Twitter: @hafelina

  17. I should win...
    Because I'm new to the romance genre and I need to be exposed to more authors. I never read a romance until my best friend wrote one, I've read a couple of others and now I'm hooked, but I don't know who to read!
    Twitter is Kali42

  18. Dude, you turned me into an Australian!! *gasp*

  19. I would love to read these books. I am probably very unworthy of such greatness though. I bow to you and all of the Aussie authors. Even this web page is glowing!

  20. I would love to win because I love adding new authors to my TBR pile. I have not read Denise Rosetti or Tracy Ohara. Plus it would be an awesome birthday gift to me since my bday is next week.
    Happy Book Bday!!!

  21. While I am an avid fan of two of the authors, Keri Arthur and Nalini Singh, I am unfamiliar with either your work or the other two. I am always looking for new authors to read.
    I would love to win this.

  22. Congrats on your release day, Erica! I would love to win the pack cuz I'm a big paranormal / urban fantasy girl :D

  23. I would love to win this books because I'm a fan of some of those authors and I would like to discover the books from the authors I don't know.

  24. Just realized I did not leave my info.
    Twitter- @alebodden11

  25. Well, I don't need to win ALL of them, but DO need to win Keri Arthur's Bound to Shadows - because I don't have it, but it's on my wishlist ;-)

  26. Competition
    I'd love to win these books - I haven't read any of the authors yet, and I would love to review them all to feature on the Full Metal Librarian, my new review and literary site.

  27. I would love to win because i love reading uf/fantasy novels and all of these books sounds great. Thanks for the contest. Congrats on your 2nd book release :)

  28. Congratulations from Michelle Diener
    Erica, woohoo! Congrats on the release of Shadowglass. You can leave me out of the draw, I'll buy these fab books on my own, just wanted to say congratulations! (Sorry about commenting under anonymous, I couldn't make it work any other way!)

  29. I've read NaliniSingh Psy/Changling series so far and love it. I'd love to win so i could sit in my favorite chair while its snowing and just read the night away with some hot chocolate and those wonderful books.
    Mt twitter name and livejournal name are the same.

  30. The Great Aussie Fantasy giveaway!
    Congratulations on SHADOWGLASS being released today!
    I have not read any of the 4 books you are giving away or SHADOWGLASS so I would love to win all 5 and get started on the Great Aussie Fantasy reading. I have read several reviews on Shadowglass and would love to read your new release.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.
    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  31. I should win these books because, while I've heard of all these authors, I haven't read anything by any of them yet, so it'd be a fabulous chance to introduce me to these writers (so I can then go out and buy everything else they've ever written, which can only be to the benefit of both myself AND the writers).

  32. Hi Erica,
    Wishing you all the best with the release of Shadowglass. I'm a recent convert to Paranormal after reading Tracey O'hara's Night's Cold Kiss and I can't seem to get enough of the genre.
    Margaret Midwood

  33. First of all CONGRATULATIONS on the release of Shadowglass!! Secondly, thank you for this giveaway!
    I would like to win not only because I'm a fan of the Riley Jenson series, but also because the covers of the other novels are gorgeous, make me want to discover these new authors! And I have heards so many great things about Singh's books, I would love to see for myself.
    you can reach me at stella.exlibris (at) gmail DOT com
    Thank you!

  34. Hey Miss E - big kiss for your release day - and thanks so much for including Moi. Gosh - look at that lineup - how freaken great is that. Best of luck to everyone.

  35. Hi Erica,
    Congratulations on the new release!
    I would love to win the books because I've not read any of these authors (including yourself), and enjoy finding new authors to read.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Cheryl (writercheryl @

  36. Down Under is the best way to be
    Congratulations on Shadowglass!
    I should win these books Aussies have such a great but different POV on life and I really need to be reacquainted with it.
    Aussies are so cool and they understand the delights of vegemite/marmite

  37. Shadowglass Day!!
    Congrats to you for Shadowglass: Your book comes out during Pisces on the astrological calendar. What do you know? I'm a Pisces! We rock!! So I have an addictive personality, running true to form. I have a problem with books, can't get enough. It's like heroin, my friends call me a book whore. I know not very polite, but very accurate. Yes, I would love to win these books, but frankly, I'm not a very lucky person. I'm just glad to be able to say congrats to you and I wish you much success. Who ever wins, hope they know what a generous gift these are. Good luck to all.

  38. Congratulations on your latest release Erica and that is one hell of a line up!! Go Down Under authors. So wonderful to see.
    Have all but Nalini's and yours :)

  39. First off Congratulations and many felicitations on your release of Shadowglass, Yay it is out!!! Aussie authors have us hooked on hot books!!!!
    Let's see why should I get in on all these wonderful books, simple I do not have any of them yet and am a fan of Keri Arthur and Nalini Singh and yourself but have not read anything yet written by Denise Rossetti and Tracey O'Hara and would dearly love to!
    jackie b central texas

  40. Why I want to win
    I love finding new authors. I love to read and have read most of Keri's books. I would love to win these books to add to my reading list.

  41. Re: Why I want to win
    For some reason my name did not show up on my post so here it is.
    Dianne B
    East Central PA

  42. Why should I win? I have a 3 year old and 6 year old and reading every evening after they are in bed is my escape. It helps maintain my sanity. :-) Besides I love Raphael from Nalini's series and would love to try the other 3 new to me authors. Thanks for the chance.

  43. I love the Riley Jensen Series.I can't believe its almost over.
    Tracey O'Hara's book I've heard great things about and would love to read it.The other 2 are new to me authors.

  44. OMG how awesome is this giveaway!!!
    Why should I win... hmm... cause I'm rad?
    No that's not it.
    Cause I'm unemployed and can't afford a book fix?
    Hmm... not quite the answer.
    Because I desperately want Nalini's book?
    True, but I can do better.
    Because I'd love you to infinity!
    How's that?
    CONGRATULATIONS on your book release. Can't wait to add it to the collection!

  45. Shadowglass Release
    Woo Hoo to you, Erica, on the release of Shadowglass.
    Can't wait to read it!
    And I adore all the great down under authors in the celebrity line up with you and would love to win books form all my favourite authors there,
    Suzi Love

  46. Fabulous Book launch
    Hi Erica
    Having been introduced to your writing in your first book, I would love to win a copy of the second (autographed of course) and also open my reading to the writers of the other books you have kindly gifted as a prize.
    Congrats on this new book.

  47. OMG, not sure what's more exciting!!! Launch of Shadowglass or chance to get delicious free books....
    Can't believe I only just heard about this. Clearly, I was meant to know ;-)
    I'm at @J_Dalgliesh

  48. Look at that!! All my favourite authors are lined up very prettily!! Congrats again Erica on your release, hope it sells squillions =)

  49. I think I should win because I'm a hard core Denise Rossetti fan and I'm just plain insane for books. Now with Denise's recommendation for your new book...I must have your book too!

  50. My entry
    Sorry, didn't leave you any way to contact me, you probably need that. (I'm new at all this)

  51. Great books!
    Hooray for you, Miss Erica! Finally, it's here! The only reason I do not currently own a copy of Shadowglass is because I haven't been to the bookstore to pick up my copy - I blame the age-old distractions of children and work for my terrible folly. I have Keri and Miss Tracey's book but not the Nalini or the Denise ones. Great competition, great books, what more could I want? Erm, possibly some chocolate and some one on one time with Simon Baker ... a girl can dream, can't she?

  52. Congrats on the new release, it must be pretty damn cool to see Shadowglass on shelves next to Shadowfae :)
    Thanks for running this contest, it's a great idea to support other Aussie authors and you've picked some really good ones.
    Let me count the ways I should win this contest:
    * I haven't been able to buy many new books lately and could do with some much-needed freebies
    * I also understand the math that made Nalini Singh a down under author.
    Kiwi + (successful book series x2) = Australian :P
    * I've read Night's Cold Kiss and met Tracey O'Hara (who signed my book) but have a friend who hasn't been lucky enough to do either and really wants to read it. I'm a giver, what can I say?
    * I know you were looking for wit, but without a fresh infusion of new books, mine has gone stale :( Please don't hold that against me.
    I'm on Twitter @my_lheage

  53. I'll leave you my email address just in case
    moonsongsinger at yahoo dot com

  54. Congrats on your book release Erica! :)
    Wow, that's an awesome prize pack of books! I've read Nalini's and Tracey's which were both awesome. My sister is in need of good books, so I would spread the love.
    I'm dying to read Shadowglass
    I'd love to read Keri and Denise's novels too!
    I am a book-a-holic and always need more books.
    Really, I'm a total, can't help myself, books are my crack, addict. :)

  55. I think I should win as I'm an Aussie living in Canada and I like to buy and read Aussie authors as they give me a little piece of home.
    I Love Keri Arthur and the Riley Jenson series.
    Nalini is also on my list of must buy authors.
    Denise Rossetti is another on my must read list.
    So now i have two more to read Tracy O'Hara whom I've never read yet so will put on the must check out list and of course yourself Erica.
    Thanks for running this contest :)

  56. why should I win?
    well because many of these are new to me authors and I would enjoy giving them a try . and my mom is a hugh Keri Arthur fan so I would share :)

  57. Addicted to reading
    I'm in the States so not sure if I'm eligible but I'd love to read your stuff. I love to read it's what I spend most of my days and nights doing.

  58. Wanna Win sooooo bad!
    I want to win because books, especially good books are as important to me as food. Not joking, ask anyone who knows me. I always have a book like an extension of my body. I love,love,love Keri Arthur and I am currently reading Nights Cold Kiss. Looking for great new books to add to my library.