Friday, March 5, 2010

spreading the goodness, or how awesome book bloggers are

Today, I'm at Sara's Urban Fantasy blog, talking about where ideas come from. And giving away the obligatory book. Of course!

And tomorrow (Friday), I'm dropping by Sidhe Vicious. On Monday, I'll be at All Things Urban Fantasy

Book bloggers are awesome, see. I've had nothing but support from everyone I've contacted or been reviewed by. I even got an email the other day from someone who wanted to apologise in advance because they were about to do a post saying they didn't like my book.

Can you imagine that? A reader, apologising to me for not liking my story! I was touched. And of course I wrote back to say: you are awesome, post whatever you like.

You guys don't owe me anything. You are all helping me promote my books, and you're doing it for free. For an author like me who lives in Australia, internet coverage is vital. I couldn't do this without you.

I just wanted to say that. Seems that recently, some authors are giving the impression they think readers owe them a living. Uh, nope.

Oh, and remember, there's only a day or so to go in my fabulous Aussie (and New Zealand, of course, Nalini!) book giveaway. Leave a comment on the original post for a chance to win books by Nalini, Keri, Tracey, Denise and me.


  1. Erica, thanks for posting this. I have seen some negativitely lately around the blogging community due to some authors abusing bloggers. It is really nice to see that the work we do is appreciated. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. This whole week has been unsettling with the twitter and blogger stuff. I never like to see people get their feelings hurt and there sure seemed to be a lot of hurt going around. You rock:) Thanks for the blogger love, and just for the record-- you are an awesome author!