Saturday, September 25, 2010

blog tour and giveaway goodness

 POISON KISSED hits shelves (thud!) in three days. Cool! So I'm doing a bit of a blog tour. I'll keep you updated.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm guesting with the fabulous Deadline Dames!! I'm talking about the coffee shop, and why I write there when I'm such a stickler for order and silence. Giving away a free book. Yu know how it is. Drop by and leave a comment! Make me feel wanted.

And on Tuesday, I'm throwing a release day party at Bitten By Books.

I'm chatting about the book and other stuff, and giving away some Amazon gift certificates as prizes.

You can RSVP and get extra entries here:

I'll drop by to chat, but I'm on vacation without internet (right now I'm sitting in Macdonalds on some French country town) so it might take me a little while to make a reply.


  1. Chez Macdo, if I remember high school French correctly ;-)

  2. Greenhills A&R have a stand up atm with "Local authors" - I was pleased to see your books on there!
    Enjoy your French McDonald's!

  3. hey, awesome :) how did they know? someone has been telling tales about me...

  4. yep, that seems to be it :) still smells the same...