Saturday, September 11, 2010

worldcon madness

WorldCon was cool.

I mean, a lot of conventions and conferences are cool. But WorldCon was a bit different from others I've been to, which have mainly had a romance focus. Obviously, they talk more about specfic and less about romance - but they're also more opinionated. They're not afraid to say they don't like something, or disagree, or think that Writer X or Show Y or Book Z is full of shit.

Where at some romance cons I've been to, everything is sacred. We're so immersed in being supportive, and promoting the genre, and not stepping on anyone's toes, that our right to a dissenting opinion -- to voice it in public, that is, not the right to dissent itself -- gets diluted.

Refreshing. I think each approach has its merits. But on with a few pics

This fluffy green Cthulu at the Masquerade cracked me up,
especially beside tiny Rorschach.

Tracey O'Hara
and Tez Miller taking it easy at Koko Black

NZ fantasy author Helen Lowe, Tracey and me

More pics next time, when I bribe them off Tracey's camera...

And a quick shout out for Among the Muses, where I'm doing an interview and giving away a copy of one of my books, including if you choose my October release, Poison Kissed.


  1. So true Erica - i found the same thing about opinions in the Spec Fiction community. Like you I think it has its good points - though sometimes no reasons where given so there is the bad points. Maybe I'm just too nice. :)

  2. I suspect the 'no reasons' is a fannish thing -- they just expect like-minded people to get it :)

  3. Hmmm... never thought of that, as I think even within genres there are different approaches and thoughts. See showing my ignorance ;)

  4. True! but there's usually some common ground, I suppose... y'know... like how you can go to RWA and say 'bodice ripper' and roll your eyes, and everyone knows exactly what you mean :)

  5. Those generic comments I get :) It's the more in-depth ones that I wanted to understand why. Oh GMC, it's rearing it's head LOL!!