Monday, September 13, 2010

the facebook, he is here

I've got a brand new author page on Facebook! Do come by and friend me, or like me, or whatever it is we do on Facebook this week.

Oh, and some fun news: you can currently get Shadowfae for Kindle for US$2.99!!

Awesome!! Even I could afford that!* So if you've been wanting to check the series out -- or you just love cheap ebooks -- get on over there. Special promotion, not for ever etc..

* If I could buy it in this country. Which I can't. But hey. I would If I could.


  1. Launcing into promo, I see
    Hey E.
    Decided to bite the bullet, eh, and try the FB-thing? Good on you! Am headed over there now to Like you - LOL!
    Kylie G.

  2. Re: Launcing into promo, I see
    yeah :) it's that time of the year. Website updates, new pages, guest blogs. Sigh. The secret awesomeness of being a writer...

  3. Not that you *need* to buy it yourself. Surely you could do what I do and transfer your own manuscript to a pdf and use a pdf viewer on your phone to read it :)
    I have yet to buy an e-book. I have got many free ones from Amazon since installing the kindle app on my phone but never paid for one yet.

  4. Yes, I guess I could :) but it'd be nice to see my own e-book! I don't have a copy... oh well. Should have bought one when I was in the US...

  5. As always, very cool trailer. Looking forward to Poison Kiss's release.