Wednesday, September 29, 2010

poison kissed release day

 Yay! POISON KISSED is in stores today! I hope you all enjoy it. This is the one I've enjoyed writing the most so far. It has a banshee heroine, and a ravenous newly-made vampire and a rusty ironfairy as the villains.

A few FAQ: Yes, it has a new cover, different from the others. But it's the same series, the same world, the same everything. The cover and the new mass market format are a new look, but that's the only change.

And yes, Kane is in it :) he and his demon rival, Delilah, have a confrontation in this one. It's messy :)

Remember, you can check out Chapter One online at my website here. And the trailer is here. Enjoy!

Blog tour news: today, I'm at Bitten by Books for a bit of release day madness!! I'm talking a bit about the book, and you'll get an exclusive snippet from Chapter 2. Also giving away some gift certificates for prizes! So you can expand that book collection.

And on Thursday, I'm at Sidhe Vicious, talking about banshees, and why Mina, my banshee heroine, is a bit different.


  1. It may be a different cover but it still has a hot chick on it :)

  2. Wow, congrats!! :)
    I will surely check it out!

  3. Yeah, hot chicks are good.
    As I once famously said (in the hearing of a gay vegetarian) 'All men like steak and naked women'
    My wife has never let me live that down. Nor has the gay man in question.

  4. Woohoo congrats on your release!!!